Academic Advising

Your first-year seminar instructor is looking forward to meeting you in the fall and serving as your pre-major Academic Advisor and talking with you about your academic choices and aspirations.

Even before you arrive on campus, though, members of the faculty and staff are available to advise you on course selection, answer your questions about requirements, and give you tips about areas of study that you may want to explore. In addition to advice offered to help you consider your liberal arts education, listed below are names and availability of faculty members available to communicate with you during the week prior to registration (July 10-14)  as well as the week of registration (July 17-21). You can also find additional information about academic requirements and advanced placement through the Academic Information landing page.

Summer Faculty Advisors

The following is a list of faculty advisors who are ready and willing to help you with registration by phone or email.  Regardless of their discipline affiliation (with noted exceptions), they are available for any advising questions you might have.  It will help to read the materials on the web and the catalog to have as much information as you can before you call in. We would encourage you to take any placement tests necessary for particular disciplines (math, foreign languages) in advance of calling/emailing.

  • Alex Dauge-Roth ((207) 837-2307), Associate Professor in French and Francophone Studies
  • Eden Osucha ((585) 730-9295)Associate Professor of English
  • Karen Palin (, phone by appointment), Lecturer in Biology

Schedule of Summer Advising

Summer Advising will be offered throughout the week preceding registration, July 10-14, as well as that of summer registration, July 17-21. While we are happy to speak to parents and families, we strongly encourage students to email or call themselves so we can talk through your process directly.

Summer Advising Schedule: Week of July 17th-21st (Garnet Gateway Open)

 (all times listed EST) Monday, July 17th Tuesday, July 18th Wednesday, July 19th Thursday, July 20th Friday, July 21st
9am-10am  Karen Palin  Alex Dauge-Roth, Eden Osucha  Karen Palin  Eden Osucha  Karen Palin
10am- 11am  Karen Palin  Alex Dauge-Roth, Eden Osucha  Karen Palin  Eden Osucha  Karen Palin
11am-12pm  Karen Palin  Alex Dauge-Roth, Eden Osucha  Karen Palin  Eden Osucha  Karen Palin
1-2pm Alex Dauge-Roth, Eden Osucha  Alex Dauge-Roth, Eden Osucha  Eden Osucha  Eden Osucha  Eden Osucha
2-3pm  Alex Dauge-Roth, Eden Osucha   Alex Dauge-Roth, Eden Osucha  Eden Osucha  Eden Osucha  Eden Osucha
3-4pm  Alex Dauge-Roth, Eden Osucha  Alex Dauge-Roth, Eden Osucha  Eden Osucha  Eden Osucha  Eden Osucha
6-7pm  Alex Dauge-Roth  Alex Dauge-Roth  Alex Dauge-Roth  Karen Palin Registration Closed
7-8pm  Karen Palin  Alex Dauge-Roth  Alex Dauge-Roth  Karen Palin Registration Closed

Course Request/Registration Period

Dates: July 17th at 10:00am, EST – July 21st at 4:00 pm, EST

**Please note: This is not a first-come, first-served process. During this period, you’ll be submitting preferences for courses, so you can feel free to submit your preferences at any point that the portal is open between July 17th and July 21st.**

In this time period you will go to the Garnet Gateway to submit your requests for a First-Year Seminar and three other courses for fall semester. See below for specific directions.

  1. Submit your top choice for a First-Year Seminar as well as multiple alternate First-Year Seminars. Every effort will be made to place you in top choices and it is most helpful to provide a list of alternates.
  2. Submit your top choices for three other semester courses and a list of additional alternate courses (at least two.) Note: do not just include alternate sections of the same course.

View Your Courses

Dates:  August 15 – September 4

During this time period you may log into your Garnet Gateway account and view the courses in which you’ve been enrolled. Please remember that some courses are limited to a particular number of participants; therefore you may not receive every first choice course that you requested.

You will still be able to make changes to your schedule, after you talk with your advisor during orientation, when the gateway opens for the Drop/Add period on the day before classes start (Tuesday, Sept. 5)