Here are a list and descriptions of the Amphibious trips we offer. Click on the drop-down boxes to learn more about the awesome Batesies who will lead them! 


Mooselookmeguntic (level 2)

Mooselookmeguntic I Leaders: Tess Miller and Eli Nixon

(Written by Eli) Heyo AESOPERS! Tess Miller, also known as ma, hails from the faraway territory of Southern California. She has spent her 19 years of life on long beach runs, eating copious amounts of peanut butter (crunchy-unsalted, of course), and creating the perfect arrangement of JibbitzTM on her Crocs. While Tess’s skiing skills are below that of a kindergartener, her rock-climbing and ping-pong abilities seriously raise the roof. Tess dreams of one day opening a brunch restaurant, but until then, she is working hard (or hardly working?) as a biology major and math minor at Bates College. Most importantly, Tess is a big ol’ goof with an even bigger heart and cannot wait to prance around the forest with ya’ll!

(Written by Tess) Howdy ladies and gents! Lemme tell you about my friend, and your future dad, Eli Nixon. Eli is a Croc-sponsored Mainer who has a special place in his heart for BLT sandwiches and mini M&M’s. He is currently a pre-med student (woah, kid genius) and hopes to be a Physician’s Assistant one day. When Eli isn’t hitting the books, he is busy catching waves at Popham Beach, road trippin’ to Sunday River with the Freestyle Ski Club, or tossing a disc with the Bates Ultimate Frisbee team. Although he has a life threatening fear of the Loch Ness monster and pinky toes, Eli’s wilderness skills are outta this world and he could not be more pumped to lead you through the treacherous waters and woods of Northern Maine. So if you are into lame dad jokes and uncoordinated dance moves, you can count on Eli and me for a wild, wacky, and wonderful adventure!

Mooselookmeguntic II Leaders: Emma Smith and Wade Rosko

(Written by Wade) You wake up in the morning and in front of you a figure is illuminated by the sun. As you approach, you realize that it is the Lululemon and Chacos campus rep Emma Smith playing with some glassware. Emma is a rising senior and Biochem major with an Art and Public Health GEC hailing from the coast in Cohasset, MA. On an average day, you’ll find her playing with pipettes and proteins and working in her hallowed Biochem lab. Have an emergency? No worries, Emma is one of the leaders of the Bates Club Med program and will be ready to help you out in 6-10 years. In her free time Emma enjoys hitting balls in the tennis court, and would much rather take a bath than a shower. Brace your ears for her loud Boston accent trying to belt out her favorite Rihanna song because you’re gonna wish that you were Simon Cowell and able to kick her off the show. Whatever you do, just be ready for a rick rolling good time as Emma debuts her comedic career during AESOP 2016.

(Written by Emma) Every morning, Rosko wakes up and chugs a gallon of whole (yes whole) milk in Commons (dining hall). He makes his way to his first class, advanced quantum physics. Struggling to stay awake because he had a five-hour Nordic skiing practice the day prior, Rosko realizes something. Although he is a Physics Major with a Math Minor and a Sound GEC (whatever that means), a varsity Nordic skier (D1, ya’ll), one of two members of the Bates Astronomy Club, and has even lost his tooth (lateral incisor) due to the infamous brawl of 80s Dance of ’13, Wade still doesn’t know the question to life the universe and everything, even though the obvious answer is 42. On this trip, you will be exposed to the Colorado-born and raised, Wade Rosko, aka Lorax along with his 8-pack, his mustache, his dairy obsession, his seductive winks, and perhaps through our AESOP trip will find the question to life, the universe, and everything.


Mooselookmeguntic is a trip this that will be a relaxing amphibious trip exploring all corners of Mooselookmeguntic Lake and the Western Foothills of the picturesque Rangeley region. Canoeing days will be spent journeying around the lake and the many small islands in the Stephen Phillips Preserve. Two days hiking in the Lakes Region allows for great views of Saddleback, Rangeley Lake, and the eastern edge of the White Mountains along with plenty of swimming in Smalls Falls!

*Mooselookmeguntic I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

Flagstaff (Level 3)

Flagstaff I Leaders: Alex Brown and Monata Song

Heyyyyy Bobkittens, I’m Alex!! As a rising senior majoring in neuroscience, I sure know how to balance work and play, but rest assured that during AESOP, I’m all play! In addition to my studies, I am an active member and captain of the Ultimate Frisbee team and also work in admissions arranging overnight visits to Bates. Hailing from the Upper Valley of New Hampshire, I spend a lot of my free time hiking, canoeing, and biking around the countryside as well as watching the stars on clear nights. AESOP is my favorite week of the year and I cannot wait to meet all of you in the fall!

Hello hello!! My name is Monata (pronounced like Sonata but with and M). I’m from Saratoga Springs, New York and I’m a rising senior (scary?!?!??) at Bates College studying biology and currently studying abroad in Thailand! I am 100% confident that I have no idea what I want to do after I graduate…haah (laughing now, but crying later). Besides all that stuff, I’m a member of the ultimate frisbee team and I volunteer as an EMT for Bates. You can also find me rollerblading to class, or eating my routinely midnight snack in the library. I love making the perfect pot of Chinese tea, memorizing useless but interesting facts, and thrift shopping. I also enjoy opening dialogue for social justice issues, finishing puzzles, and listening to Andrew Bird and/or overplayed pop songs. Alex and I are so totally thrilled  to meet all of you lovely people and begin your wonderful adventure both through the Maine wilderness and also at Bates!!

Flagstaff II Leaders: Sophia Thayer and James Pardo

Hey, hi, how are ya? Sophia here. Who’s ready to staff some flag? I sure am (“I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom”). I hail from the coastal haven in your new home state of Maine, Boothbay. Here at Batz Cawledge, I enjoy tossin’ the disc, chillin’ with the environment, drinkin’ cups of tea, and studyin’ Women, Gender, and Herstory. My favorite food in Commons is vegetable sukiyaki from the vegan bar. If I could describe my cool co-leader in three words, they would be: flow, pumped, and pesto. If you like shooting’ the breeze about Yoncé, ’99 Toyota Camrys, or how to brew the perfect cuppa tea, then we’ll be fast frands. Can’t wait to see your bright, shining faces in August. Peace, love, Sophia.

Greetings my future children. My name is James and my lust for fun is eternal. I’m from the wonderful state of New York (excelsior). My extracurricular activities include the sport known as Ultimate Frisbee, and the hobby known as adventuring. Both of those things bring me great joy. My voice is monotone and you should be reading this in a monotone voice. The food I most enjoy in commons is carrots. Plain carrots. My fellow leader is a wonderful human being. She is brave, easy-going (as the kids say), and, above all, decisive in the face of great peril (even when cookware and canoes go missing). If you enjoy enjoying things, I have no doubt that our friendship will be everlasting. I look forward to guiding you on an influential learning experience. Sincerely, JC Pardo.

Start off this trip hiking up Bigelow Mountain to The Horns and Avery Peak. Sleep well at a campsite right off the ridgeline and descend the next day via the Safford Brook trail until you reach Flagstaff Lake! Put in your canoes, enjoy a nice swim and paddle across this unique and vast lake. Explore the areas on shore and camp on islands you pass along the way.

*Flagstaff I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

Richardson (Level 4)

Richardson 1 Leaders: Andrew Moreau and Anna Roy

Sup, my name is Andrew, descended from a martyr named Emilio Guerrera. I grew up in New York but I currently live in Dorset, VT when I’m not in Lewiston. When I was 11, I became a certified Junior Maine Woodsman. Procurer of rare swags. People from all over the land seek me for my wisdom. I’ve never slain a dragon but one time I seduced one and never texted them back. Gonna listen to mad hip-hop and I will also make you dance salsa. This trip is not for the faint of steez.

Howdy! My name’s Anna and I come from the green mountain state, land of the free, home of ben and jerry’s. and darn tough socks. and cabot. and andrew! woah. Here at Bates I study Latin American studies and Spanish, so hmu if you ever want to practice your Spanish or if you don’t. When I’m not hanging out at the library you can find me going for runs, strumming on the guitar, or spitting hot fire. Come hang out on Rangeley 1, it’s sure to be a dinger. Let’s make AESOP great again.

Richardson 2 Leaders: Justine Timms and Emmett Peterson

Hey, my name is Justine, welcome to Bates where you will soon find yourself adventuring in the beautiful state of Maine! I am a senior and this will be my first time leading an AESOP (because my mom makes me work for her until the day before school starts) and I am beyond stoked to take you into the wilderness to explore Maine and meet some new friends. AESOP is one of my favorite parts of Bates College, as it is the most wonderful way to begin your college career and even better way to be woken up by a bear (as we were on my AESOP!)! I hail from the sunny state of Colorado where I love to ski and hike but I was born on the dinky little island of Nantucket where I love to swim, kiteboard, go boatin’ and train for marathons! I studied abroad in Florence so I am so excited to get out of the city and back on the trails and meet you AESOPers! Welcome class of 2020! XOXOX Justine P.S. I’m super nice!

Heyo!! My name is Emmett and I hail from the rolling green mountains of Vermont. It has been said that I sweat Grade A (Dark Amber, obviously) Maple Syrup.  At Bates, I am a rising senior and chemistry major. I spend my days tele skiing the great East Coast (Sugarloaf may be a bit further from campus than Someday Bigger, but it’s totally worth it. Y’all totally have a spot in my car when the snow flies), biking, laughing, hiking, whitewater kayaking and canoeing. I am spending the semester abroad in Kenya and Uganda and I can’t wait to get back to Bates to have a rip roarin’ time with all of you, starting with AESOP! See you in the fall, Emmett.



Begin by hiking along the Appalachian Trail up Surplus Mountain in the beautiful Grafton Notch State Park and staying at a lean-to the first night. Continue hiking the next day to South Arm Campsite on Lower Richardson Lake and meet up with your opposing trip. Canoe the following day through The Narrows and into Upper Richardson Lake while surrounded by breathtaking mountains and walking trails on shore. It’s just the best of both worlds, ain’t it?!

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