Base Camping


Here are a list of the Base Camping trips we offer. Click the boxes to find out more about the specific trips available and the awesome Batesies who lead them!

Acadia (Level 1)

Acadia I Leaders: Reed Feldman and Julia Horwitz

Reed Feldman has his roots in a little old suburb of New York City. As a young kid, Reed was on the fast track to be one of the most sought after Division 1 college couch potatoes in the nation. But after suffering a devastating injury to his remote-using hand, his dreams of becoming an All-American were over. Instead, Reed used all of last year to explore Maine’s outdoor beauty, memorize catchy Akon tracks, and play backyard sports with the boys. Reed spends most of his time on campus tossing’ the rugby ball, playing devils advocate in heated political debates, and whipping up dope commons creations. As a Physics major, you can usually find this social butterfly on the first floor of the library working at a 30% efficiency rate. Overall though, Reed is super excited to meet and orient his freshman for four days in the jaw-dropping beauty of Acadia national park. See y’all soon.


Welcome to Bates, the greatest community on earth, and an even bigger welcome to the greatest community within Bates—the AESOP family!!

I hail from Washington, DC, a very geographically confusing place—not just a city, not quite a state—but a great place to grow up nonetheless! A couple of my favorite things to do at Bates are ogle the beautiful foliage, ski, attend a capella concerts, play IM soccer, drink excessive amounts of tea, and goof off with Reed. Although undecided, I will most likely be a history or politics major and probably minor in education. Some dreams for the future include hiking the PCT, learning to juggle, traveling to Iceland, seeing Adele in concert, and adopting an entire litter of kittens.

I can’t imagine a better way to start your Bates career than AESOP and I’m so psyched to be spending four days with you all in the most beautiful place on earth!!!!

Acadia II Leaders: Ryan Whittemore and Marisol Hernandez

Hello!!! My name is Ryan or otherwise nicknamed Ryman! I am from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. I have booming laugh that can be heard miles away. I am on the debate team, have been a snowboarding instructor, and a politics major. I can drop it like it is hot on the dance floor. Looking forward to an awesome trip!

HEY HEY HEY!!!! My name is Marisol and welcome to the best Aesop trip in history. I love hiking, backpacking, and snowboarding. (Being from Jackson, Wyoming this is kind of a must). I am majoring in Politics an Spanish and have the MOST unique laugh in history. I can also drop it down on the dance floor.

Acadia III Leaders: Erin Wilson and Chris Lee

Hey AESOP’ers, looking to make new friends in a low-stakes, low-intensity, but thrilling orientation trip?!? Look no further! CLee (pronounced Sea Lee) and I are the leaders you’ve been dreaming about. Words cannot describe how excited we are to frolick in the park, build campfires, and tell dirty jokes under the stars. I’m from Darien, CT, home of the Blue Wave. Although I came to Bates as a rower, I am now a member of the women’s ultimate frisbee team and enjoy volunteering and teaching at the local schools in Lewiston. I am an American Cultural Studies Major and an Educational Studies minor. I love traveling and just spent a semester abroad in Copenhagen. Side note, I’m also an elephant mahout (elephant trainer certified in Thailand) and love to sing despite having gotten rejected from every acapella group on campus. (We don’t joke around here). I am super excited for my senior year at Bates, and can’t wait to meet you all and welcome you home!

HEY CLASS OF 2020! Looking for an exciting but non-strenuous AESOP trip?!?! Well look no further! E$ (pronounced E-Money) and I are super jazzed to be exploring Acadia National Park!! I hail from the retail mecca of Natick, MA and am a member of the Bates Swim and Dive team. I love to have fun and (trust us) this trip is going to go down in history. I’m a Junior rhetoric major, history minor and love theme parks. I’ve had a Six Flags season pass for 4 years. In the summers I enjoy saving people’s lives, so tell your parents you’ll be all set. I’m a TV nerd and hold the school record in the 1650 freestyle (wanna race?!). Common reactions to hearing about our AESOP trip: “NO WAY”, “Those kids are going to be soooo lucky!”, and “You guys are the perfect pair!” AESOP is going to be lit, like our campfire, so join E$ and I on the trip of a lifetime.

Nestled in the coastline of northern Maine, Acadia National Park is one of the most renowned scenic areas in the state. These trips will camp in group camping facilities with bathhouses and easy access to more “creature comforts,” however all participants still sleep in tents and cook on camping stoves, ensuring that you will still receive a true outdoor experince.

Days in Acadia are spent either day hiking, exploring the local town of Bar Harbor, or hanging out at the beach.  While the itineraries vary year to year based on the leaders and group interests, typical hikes might include a walk up Beehive mountain or even a sunrise hike of Cadillac Mountain.  Nights are spent hanging out around the campfire playing games, talking with you new classmates, and cooking s’mores.

Every year we typically send three trips to Acadia national park.  While they do camp in somewhat close proximity to one another, for the most part the trips stay separate in order to maintain the small group dynamic the AESOP prides itself on.

Like all other base camping trips, the Acadia AESOP is designed to be lower-intensity and is ideal for those who are excited about AESOP and being in the outdoors, but who might be less comfortable with a higher-level trip.

*Acadia I, II, III share similar itineraries, but are run as separate trips.

Maine Coast Chillin (Level 1)

Maine Coast Chillin I Leaders: Jack Chapman and Eliza Jimenez

Hello incoming first years! Do you like to go to the beach? Do you like non-strenuous day hikes in scenic coastal Maine? Do you like to “chill out”? What if I told you you could do all of these things at the same time. That would be crazy, right? Well you can! My name is Jack Chapman, I am a junior here at Bates College, and I love math (and by “love” I mean I am a math major who is just trying to make the most of it). I am from Wenham, a small town on the north shore of Massachusetts with a population roughly the same size as Bates. My hobbies include spending time with my dog, kayaking, riding my bike, and living my life to the absolute fullest! I have spent every summer of my life in Phippsburg, ME and I can’t wait to share all of the knowledge I have accumulated about the area over the years with all of you. My co-leader Eliza and I were born to lead this trip! To be completely honest with you, the real purpose of this trip is to recruit first year students to help me find my retainer that I lost somewhere on Popham Beach when I was 10. My teeth have never been the same since that day and I really need that retainer back. I give you my word that you will have the best three days of your entire life if you choose to join Eliza and I as we hang out together on Maine’s southern coast. That’s right, the best three days of your life. I know that’s a big claim but you can trust me, I am physically incapable of telling a lie. If you have any questions, keep an eye out for me on the explore page of Vine. See you in August!

WAZZZZUP CLASS OF 2020!!!!! Jack and I have been waiting OUR WHOLE ENTIRE LIVES to spend 3 days chillin on the beach with all of you!! My name is Eliza and I’m a junior at Bates where I study lots of depressing things including (but not limited to) war, conflict, and inequality! I hail from the City of Bridges aka Stiller Nation aka The ‘Burgh aka THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD. I actually grew up with Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa and know them personally so if you choose this AESOP trip, I’ll get their autographs for you! (Maybe an even private concert JUST for our AESOP group). Besides discussing the injustices of our world in the classroom, I also enjoy leading tours around campus for prospective students and families in a language that nobody understands, I cherish the opportunity to relive my glory days at Lewiston Middle School as a teacher’s aid in a 7th grade literacy classroom, and I spend my afternoons tossing disc in a chicken costume with the Bates College’s ultimate frisbee team. In my spare time, I love snapchatting squirrels on the historic quad, l enjoy creating PicStitch collages of squirrels, and I daydream about the day that I will finally get to adopt my own squirrel. Every time I think about our AESOP trip, I literally jump like a flying squirrel because of how excited I am! Before you sign up for our trip, read the following statements and decide which two are the truth and which one is a lie!
(1) Jack and I cannot stop talking about how excited we are to introduce you to Bates and the beautiful Maine Coast!
(2) We are going to introduce you to all of Jack’s neighbors that range in age from 60-100.
(3) We are going to spend 0% of this AESOP trip at the beach.
Can’t wait to meet you in August!

Maine Coast Chillin II Leaders: Danielle Cohen and Nicky Meyerson

Heyo my name is Danielle and I like my puns intended. I am a tall drank of water who enjoys occasionally DJing at commons and will provide lots of killer jams while we coast and chill all at the same time. I was born and raised in New York City, but have loved getting out of the hustle and bustle into the serenity that is Lewiston, Maine (lol, half a joke). I am master of chai (aka a barista) at Le Ronj café, which is questionably the coolest place on campus/earth. I plan on studying Economics and Politics, and aspire to one day pay off my college loans (yet another half joke). I could not be more PUMPED to meet all of you and spend an amazing few days exploring all the beauty Maine has to offer while being supahhhh cheeeeeellll.

@Nickgay9 coming at you live from the Dirty Lew. A few key facts about me: many of my friend think I resemble a large newborn baby, but don’t fret its just an appearance. I pride myself in very sophisticated interests, such as spending every waking hour sippin’ frappes at Le Ronj café (an amazing coffee shop on campus where the gorgeous Danielle is a barista). I was born and breed in L.A., but the transition to L/A (Lewiston/Auburn ;)) has been fantastic. I also play clüb volleyball and partake in an occasional Zumba move or two. I plan on studying Politics and Spanish, and hope to one day be the first gay president (jk, but kinda). I could not be more excited to lead this AESOP with the spectacular Danielle. We are going to have the time of our lives coastal chillin’ and soaking up all those Maine rays.

Maine Costal Chillin III Leaders: Helen Ketes and Eric Vilanova

What’s up y’all! My name is Helen (also go by Hella) and I am going to be one of your AESOP leaders. I love the color purple. Commons is a great place because there is abundant FOOD. Netflix is one of my classes (I wish). I like to run…sometimes. Dancing either in my hip hop class, in the shower, or honestly anywhere is my favorite thing. But what you really need to know about me is that I am excited to meet you guys and cannot wait to have the best AESOP trip!

What’s good ladies and germs? I go by Eric Vilanova AKA Nova AKA Yung Papichulo. Born and raised in Bridgeport, CT I spent my childhood wrestling sewer rats and sleeping in abandoned buildings. Now, I’m a rapper, a dancer, and a baseball player. I like to hike because I’m good at walking in an upward trajectory and I like to camp because I’m good at sleeping. Most importantly though, is that I’m your aesop leader. So, let’s get tropical guys.

The (aptly named) Maine Coastal Chillin’ trip explores the sites of Maine’s coast (and beaches!) just south of the Brunswick/Bath area. On this trip, you’ll take excursions to the Morse Mountain conservation area, as well as to nearby Popham Beach State Park. You’ll have the opportunity to go on some very accessible day hikes in the surrounding area, as well as plenty of chances to hang around and explore the local beaches.

Situated just a short drive from the Bates Campus itself, the Hermit Island area is a popular destination for Batesies throughout the rest of the school year. We love it so much in fact, that we hold our bi-annual Clam Bake (a student favorite) right there at Popham Beach.

Like all other base camping trips, the Maine Coastal Chillin’ AESOP is designed to be lower-intensity and is ideal for those who are excited about AESOP and being in the outdoors, but who might be less comfortable with a higher-level trip.

*Maine Coastal Chillin’ I, II, and III share similar itineraries, but are run as separate trips.

Camden Hills (Level 2)

Camden Hills I Leaders: Sophie Gardephe and Spencer Daus-Haberle

Hey Aesopers! My name is Sophie Gardephe and I am a rising junior at Bates! I hail from Westchester, NY, and even though I sometimes miss the hustle and bustle of the city scene that was so close to my home, Aesop introduced me to the beautiful state of Maine and I’ve had a special appreciation for the outdoors ever since. Here at Bates, I am an English and Politics double major, so you’ll often find me in the nooks and crannies of Ladd library with my head in a book, craned over my laptop cranking out essays, or procrastinating by chatting too loudly with friends. Even though Ladd is always bumpin’, for fun I like to chirp it out in the soprano section of Bates’ most stellar acapella group, the Crosstones, so you may also find me hanging out in Olin on the daily. You may also find me running along the Androscoggin River or dancing out the stress in the dance studio of Merrill Gym. This year at Bates I’ve had a blast serving as a Junior Advisor for 17 bobkittens, so I’m so incredibly stoked to meet you guys and share in your introduction to Bates through Aesop!

Hey y’all! My name is Spencer and I am a rising senior here at Bates College! I transferred to Bates after my freshman year so props to you guys for choosing the right school off the bat, you’re really going to love it here! Being outside is one of my number one priorities at all times, and since I love multitasking, hiking is one of my favorite activities. I’ve been a swimmer for as long as I can remember, so you might see me being moist and in a speedo from time to time. I’m a psychology major with a minor in Education and as a result I have spent lots of time working in the local elementary schools around Bates! I have a part time job in Commons during the year, so don’t worry I’ll have the food covered for our base camping time together. I’ve helped out with orientation in the past and absolutely love it, so I can’t wait to meet all of you when your fabulous senior summer draws to a close and your Bates time begins!

Camden Hills II Leaders: Devon Hays and Jonathan Kaufman

Hello New Batesies!! My name is Devon Hays and i am one of your ASEOP leaders!!! WHOOHOOO. I am a rising senior at Bates who is a double major in Economics and Art and Visual Culture (which is the Bates way of saying art history). I hail from Bethesda, Maryland just outside of Washington D.C., but I am also a dual citizen with Canada. I spend a couple weeks each summer canoeing, kayaking, and generally frolicking around Lake Huron which is how a gained my love of the outdoors. I love to travel and spent all of my Junior year abroad in Florence and London. My goals for the future include knitting a sweater,learning how to do a cartwheel, and possibly law school (maybe). I cannot wait to meet you guys, have some fun around Maine!!

Hello all! My name is JJ Kaufman, I’m a senior at Bates majoring in Philosophy. I grew up in Michigan, and during high school I played tennis and was the third rapper defeated by Eminem in 8 Mile. My love of hummus overcame my passion for skiing when I decided to spend last semester in Tel-Aviv, Israel. I truly can’t wait to meet an awesome group of new Bates students; you’re going to love it here. Let’s have a fun trip and start college off right!

The Camden Hills base camping trips offer another opportunity to experience a more relaxed AESOP in the Camden area of coastal Maine. These trips will camp out of a vehicle-accessible campsite and spend each day day-hiking (popular hikes include Bald Rock Mtn and the “Nature Trail”), chilling out at the beach, exploring local streams and rivers, and hanging out in downdown Camden.

Camden Hills I&II, like other base camping trips, are designed to require minimal outdoor experience, and are best suited for those who are excited about AESOP but would prefer a less intense outdoor experience. While the participants all sleep in tents, the campsites feature running water and shower facilities.

*Camden Hills I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

Down-east Daytripping (Level 2)

Down-east Daytripping Leaders: Sam Pierce and Dylan Thombs


My name is Sam Pierce, I from New Gloucester, Maine, and I can’t wait to meet all of you!! One of my maine (get it?) goals for this trip is for each of you to come home to Bates with an appreciation for the beauty of this state.

I love to ski (and am on the Nordic ski team at Bates along with my co-leader Dylan), run, hike, bike and do pretty much anything outdoors in Maine. I grew up on a small farm with a few chickens and sheep and a potbelly pig named Strawberry who was not very nice to guests. On this trip, I promise to be a bit more welcoming than Strawberry, and am excited to watch you all become a part of the wonderful Bates community.

Peace, love, lobster,


Dear future Bobcats,

As you are about to embark on to the next stage of your life known as AESOP (and possibly college), I feel that it is necessary for you (and maybe your loved ones ie. cat, dog, fish, farm animals, summer boyfriends, and summer girlfriends…and maybe the people that gave you life) to know who you are putting your life in the hands of… In other words let’s get to know your AESOP leader, Dylan Randolph Thombs, aka “Dylan from Maine”.
I was born at the foot of Mount Katahdin on the back of my family’s 700-pound pet moose, Baxter. My granite demeanor may seem off-putting at times, but just like any good Mainer my northern hospitality rivals that of the crusty Lobstermen and Lobsterwomen that fish on our shores, so don’t worry it’ll be just fine! As I grew with age, I became very well traveled, visiting exotic places such as the metropolitan area of Portland, ME, the craggily coast of Maine, the blueberry barons of Down East Maine, the great North Woods (still Maine), and the “far as the eye can see” potato fields of the county…in Maine. As a teenager it became time for me to make a living from the land just as my parents had done before me. I worked practically every single job in the lumber, fishing, potato, and blueberry industry. Not knowing when and where to stop, I decided to return to my schooling for direction…so…I came to the big city, Lewiston, to attend Bates College (you can imagine my surprise when I found out that there were people from outside of Maine).
At Bates, my area of study is Environmental Studies, with a concentration in ecology, but as you can see that’s most of my life anyways. I am a member of Green Action Alliance or GAA, and most importantly I am a proud member of the Varsity Nordic Ski Team, which ironically is how I travel around the state and to my classes every winter. I am skilled with chainsaws, bee keeping, gardening, and animal rearing, but I don’t stop there. I’m also a skilled apple grower, you may even hear me utter the words “back on the orchard…” before I go into an hour long story about my extended family members (that one is true!). Sam, your other leader and my co-captain also hails from the gorgeous state of Maine, and we cannot wait to show off our beautiful state to all of you. We’ll be waiting with open arms and open moxies for all of you, ayuh!

Peace, love, and lobster!
Dylan from Maine.

On this brand new trip for AESOP 2016, take a trip Downeast with two of Bates College’s finest Mainers.  On this trip, you will explore quiet coastal beaches, rocky coastlines, picturesque lighthouses, the Maine Coast Heritage Trust region, myriad day hikes, and much more.  A trip for students interested in learning more about Maine’s unique culture, this new addition won’t disappoint.      

Evan’s Notch (Level 2)

Evan’s Notch I Leaders: Brent Feldman and Tara Khanmalek

Whatsup Bobcats. I hope everyone is getting excited for a few unreal days of Aesop. My name is Brent Feldman, class of 2017, born and raised in Westchester, NY. Some would say that my uprising breeds the anti-outdoorsman, right? Wrong. I’ve spent every summer in Maine for as long as I can remember. I’ve eaten more blueberries and have more hiking humor than you want to know about. Not to mention I am well known for my secret stashes of toilet paper days after you thought we ran out. On campus you can usually find this ‘cat lingering around the tennis courts or on the third floor of the library juggling a heavy load. Thumbs up to BBQ food, spike ball, double-spacing, and hot tub time machines. Thumbs down to Sunday nights, Franks (frat tanks), and no right turn on red. Looking forward to my Senior year and most importantly living vicariously through some energetic Freshies in the great outdoors.

Hey what’s up hello Class of 2020! I’m Tara, class of 2017, and I hail from the amazing Washington, DC (shoutout to all of my fellow DMVers). From enjoying the beach to playing fish bowl around the campfire to making culinary creations with our single hot plate, I always say that AESOP was one of the best weeks of my life. So imagine my excitement that I get to do it all again – this time with you cats in the beautiful White Mountains! Get ready for loads of fun, food, friends, views, and just all around great vibes. Back at Bates I’m a double major in Math and Rhetoric and a minor in Theater. You can find me around campus giving tours, in Chase Hall organizing all of our fab concerts and dances, drinking loads of chai at the Ronj, or soaking up the sun on our famed Garcelon Beach (the football field). Thumbs up to sleepytime tea, getting Thai takeout, snapchat stories, Donnie Darko, road trips, the return of the choker, and learning how to penny board. Thumbs down to long nights in the lib and when Commons runs out of bananas. Seriously stoked for next year and you guys should be too. I can’t wait to show you all the amazing things about your new home – it’s gonna be sick!!!

Evan’s Notch II Leaders: Alex Eaton and Julia Szeto

Yo bobkitties! This is my co-leader, Alex, who also hails from the best state in the union: Oregon! He moved to Oregon from Sherborn, Mass and we immediately became best friends and co-captains on the rowing team. Shenanigans ensued. Alex spends a lot of time in Carnegie, where he studies metabolism, burping, and other bodily processes to fulfill his biology major. Alex loves humans, which is why he wants to be a doctor in the future. He is also pretty great at acting out humans in his theater classes. Alex’s hobbies include giving tours of Bates, eating dinners at 5 pm and 9 pm, and being lactose intolerant. In the past, we’ve had some pretty great adventures eating cherries on top of cars, eating sorbet in trees, and eating snacks on summits. (We like to eat and climb things.) Only feed Alex ice cream if you are spiritually prepared to take on his farts. We’re stoked and yoked to eat and climb with you guys, bag peaks, and swim a lil berber bit. SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE!
– xoxo Julia “I wanna be a hipster” Szeto

Hi hi hi little berber (pronounced burr-burr) creatures! Congratulations on choosing Bates, we’re so excited to have you! My partner’s name is Julia Szeto, and she’s from the lovely PNW (Portland North West, duh). Some of her hobbies include color coding, plants, and wishing she had an adventure dog to take with her on trips. She’s an English major (cause books n’ shiz), but deep down all she wants is to be a botanist. More info on her strange attraction to plants to come. She’s also Pre-med, so hitter’ up if you’re into humans and that stuff. On campus she enjoys sippin’ steamy chai at le Ronj, eating late night Den, and pretending to understand her biochemistry class, while really rewriting botany notes. Julia and I have known each other since I joined her rowing team in high school, and man-oh-man that must’ve been the best day of her life. A few final fun facts about Julia: she’s a cat person, she prefers hard contact lenses, and she’s allergic to peanuts (so don’t put any in her mouth while she’s sleeping, kthx). We’re such happy parents to have all our future kiddos (YOU) coming to Bates, and can’t wait to meet you in person!
– Alex “Oprah” Eaton

This base camping trip is nestled between Maine and New Hampshire within the White Mountain National Forest. Day hikes along the the Baldface and Royce ranges consists of a string of peaks, all well under 4000 feet tall, but still provide spectacular views of Mt. Washington and moderate to difficult days of hiking. You will be sure to take a dip in Emerald Pool before stopping in North Conway, NH for ice cream!

*Evan’s Notch I & II share the same itinerary, but run in opposite directions.

Squam Lake Daytripping (Level 2)

Squam Lake Daytripping Leaders: Ryan Mahar and Cecily Tennyson

HEY! My name is Ryan, but sometimes I refer to myself in the third person as “Ry guy” or “Bushes.” I am a rising senior Biology major from Massachusetts, but I am as far from JOB (just outside Boston) as you can get, so I like telling people I live in New Hampshire. My least favorite things are quiche, wearing sandals, and having good posture. The entirety of my character was formed by fishing on the dock of Squam Lake, birding in Africa, and eating a large array of breakfast foods. In my spare time, I like to serenade my pet tarantula Halle Berry with Backstreet Boys songs on guitar.  As long as you like either hiking, canoeing, camping, thrift shopping, eating, drinking water, or breathing, I will know just the spot to take you!

Heyooo my name is Cecily and I am a rising senior Economics major from Grosse Pointe, Michigan. I was voted “most ferocious player” in the fall league of IM soccer and I studied in Scotland last semester, eating haggis and frolicking from castle to castle. My favorite things include flipping canoes onto my back, making the best risotto you’ll ever eat, and floating around Taylor Pond with the Sailing Team. And, once an old man told me my eyes were “blue like Santorini.” So I have that. I am beyond excited to paddle a new path across Squam for a new generation of Batesies!

Spend four days and three nights near the picturesque Squam Lake, at the heart New Hampshire’s beautiful White Mountains.  On this Level 2 adventure, you will be able to partake in the variety of outdoor recreation that this region has to offer.  Spend your days wallowing by the lakeside or exploring nearby day hikes.   

Exploring the Whites (Level 3)

Exploring the Whites Leaders: Emma Jarczyk and Will Bolduc

AYOOO baby bobcats! Congrats and WELCOME ~ You’re all such smart cookies! My name is Emma Jarczyk and I’m from Boston, Massachusetts, but born in Berkeley, CA (I’m a Cali girl at heart). I am an aquatic mammal who has been on the Bates swimming and diving team for the past three years, and recently joined the women’s club water polo team! I am a double major in Chemistry and Philosophy with a GEC in math (woo numbers). If you’re into pipetting or bugs ‘nd stuff, hit me up. Some fun facts about me… Fall is by far my favorite season – you can find me taking arsty tree Instagrams, eating caramel apples, and rolling around in leaves. My favorite burrito is the Anna’s Taqueria super burrito with chicken, rice, pinto beans, guacamole, salsa, and sour cream (I love to eat). I also have a serious soft spot for baby animals and would steal a puppy given the chance. Lastly, I cant waiiiiiiit TO EAT S’MORES WITH YOU GUYS. Bates is the best place on earth and Will and I are so excited to meet you and have a fun AESOP family! PICK EXPLORING THE WHITES! You wont regret it.

What’s up guys, I’m Will, also known as Billy, also known as Alex, also known as Moran… sometimes known as Alex Moran…. I’ve also been known to respond to Baldy, but don’t let that fool you. I do, in fact, have hair. During my time at Bates, you’re likely to see me cruisin’ around in some Bates EMS gear, skating for the club hockey team, playing some music in the orchestra, or spike ballin’ on Garcelon. I came to Bates from enemy territory (Waterville) and haven’t looked back (Cuck Folby). I’m an economics major and pre-med, but more importantly, I’m not a chem major (bless Emma’s soul). Regardless, I’m very excited to get to know all of you and to go explore some stuff in the vast, untamed wilderness that is New Hampshire.

This trip is meant to do exactly what its title indicates. By piecing together hikes from different areas in the White Mountain National Forest, you will get a taste of a wide variety of moderate hiking trails while still able to be in the midst of the famous and spectacular White Mountains. Camping along the famously scenic Kancamagus Highway, you will not be short of spectacular views and will get the chance to summit South Moat Mountain, Mt. Tripyramid, and Mt. Chocoura on individual day hikes. It’ll be a fun adventure!

Mt. Blue (Level 3)

Mt. Blue I Leaders: Ben Whitehead and Kate Berger

My name is Ben Whitehead and I hail from Cleveland, Ohio. I’m a member of the Bates Men’s rowing team (shameless plug) and a Politics and Spanish major. Generic opening: Check. In terms of my outdoor experience, I like to think of myself as an aspiring Bear Grylls despite the fact that I’m too short (not that short) and don’t own a large bowie knife. I’m a club nordic skier during the winter, so in the event that climate change decides to change things up on us with snow in August, I’m your man. I studied abroad in Chile during the fall of 2015 and did a bunch of hiking and camping there, and I look forward to exploring more of Maine with all of you this summer!

Hey y’all! (All my extended fam is from Texas, fun fact.) My name is Kate Berger, and I’m a proud Senior and JOB (a term you’ll become familiar with soon at Bates). I’m so excited to be leading Mt. Blue, the AESOP trip that I went on as a first-year! At Bates, you can see me in my natural habitat singing “doo doo’s” and “dim dims” as a channel my inner Barden Bella in the only all-girls accapella group on campus, The Merrimanders. I drink a full glass of milk at every meal, so my bones are strong AF and prepared to lead you on the most chill and awesome-ist (it’s a word, OK?!) AESOP trip ever!! Plus, fun fact #2, Ben and I are both twins, so we have this whole twin telepathy thing going on that’s going to be super helpful as we navigate the outdoors with you. MT.BLUE WANTS YOU!

Mt. Blue II Leaders: Jessie Garson and Nate Dana

Hi, I’m Jessie and I’m famous! Hairy Pottery 3, The Skeptical 7, and Outception are some of my better known films. If you come on my AESOP I’ll give you my signature as we hike some mountains. We’ll have to dodge the paparazzi but don’t worry, I’m used to it. I spent last semester shooting my next movie in Tanzania. It comes out in the Fall. I just want to be a normal girl so I study Sociology and continue my obsession with LeBron James keeping up my Cleveland tradition. I invented the electric can opener, the selfie stick, and still working on the copyright for gravity. Wild rumpuses are my specialty so come on Mt Blue II!

Hi, I’m Nate and I can talk to animals! This came in handy while I was a lion tamer in the world renowned Beijing Circus (B. Circ for short) my semester abroad. I’ve had perfect attendance in 2nd grade, won a hot dog eating contest against Kobayashi, and was the inspiration for “Step Up 2: The Streets.” Now I’m a physics major but spend most of my time trying to break the sound barrier on my longboard. I can’t wait to hike some cool as mountains and frolic through the meadows with you!

Mt. Blue State park in Weld, ME offers camping on the shore of Webb Lake that will provide ample opportunities to remain refreshed in the heat of August. Situated on the other side of the lake is 3,187-foot Mt. Blue, a popular day hike and a great opportunity to test out your hiking boots! You may even get the chance to hike up Tumbledown Mtn. on one of the days and take a dip in the alpine pond near the summit. So definitely bring your suits and boots because this trip will be full of swimming and hiking!

*Mt. Blue I & II follow the same itinerary.



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