Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 3.04.03 PMLake Umbagog (Josh Kuckens photo)

Here you will find a full list and description of the different Canoe trips we offer. Click on the drop-down boxes to learn more about the awesome Batesies who will lead them! 

Androscoggin River (Level 4)

Androscoggin River Leaders: Kat Bower and Roddy Pratt

Kat “Flight Risk” Bower hails from one of those nondescript towns between Portland and Lewiston, or as she calls it “Cumberland.” While she may be from a town named after a chain of crummy gas stations, Kat is not a crummy gas station kind of person. She may only go 50 on the highway, but Kat lives her life in the fast lane. As a Biology major, Kat spends most of her free time in the lab and giving her friends medical advice. To the freshmen, she is the most relatable senior out there because she still carries her keys and ID on her lanyard. Kat can really use her genius mind to accomplish anything. One time, Kat convinced an innocent and unknowing freshman that her real name was Katahdin. Like every 3 out of 4 Bates women, Kat is an ex-rower that “doesn’t want to talk about it.” Kat also knows how to be smart with her money. 1 in 5 articles of clothing that Kat owns were thrifted from the commons lost and found. And whatever water bottle she brings on AESOP will most likely be stolen too. What Kat can do with her mind is nothing compared to what she can do with her hands. You can’t have a conversation where Kat isn’t conducting an invisible orchestra with her hands. For all of you freshman reading this, if you are not fortunate enough to have Kat as your AESOP leader, don’t you worry. Theres a good chance you’ll meet her at 80s dance when she EMS-es you. But for those of you that are lucky enough to have her, get ready to witness a human put hummus on literally anything. Kat and Roddy are both canoe connoisseurs and are amped to take some of you lucky first years down a the ‘scog. Its going to be a sweet stretch of whitewater and trip food. Get psyched. Also only the lucky few will get the opportunity to ask about the nick-name.

Sir Roderick Eloy Pratt, colloquially known as Roddy, was forged in the fires of Boston, Massachusetts (or if we’re keeping it real, J.O.B.). After marinating in a stew of dropped r’s, terrible drivers, water fountains referred to as “bubblahs,” and people named Donna (nothing personal to anybody named Donna who might be reading this), Roddy became fed up, and decided that studying in Maine would be a fantastic idea. Three years later, r’s are occasionally dropped, some people are not good at driving, water fountains are never referred to as bubblahs, and a Donna has yet to become acquainted with Roddy in Lewiston Maine. When he is not reading, analyzing, and eating medieval literature, you will most likely find Roddy rowing eight-oared shells with the Bates crew team, or in a similar vein, dropping “fat ergos” (high quality performance on an indoor rowing machine) with his compatriots. Though he has received his HARDO certification, do not be misled by this terrifying disposition. Roddy enjoys the activities of laughter, nonsense, Tomfoolery, and ballyhoo just as much as any young rabble-rouser. A passionate wilderness excursionist of Canadian waterways, Roddy comes well prepared to guide a canoe trip of epic scale, which will traverse uncharted segments of the Androscoggin River. Gnar will be shredded, water will be swum in, grand bonfires will blaze like midnight suns, and (hopefully) lives will NOT be lost. The actual success of the trip will be indebted to his co-leader, the Venerable Kat Bower. She wields a paddle blade with the strength of a thousand souls, and… well, I’m sure she’ll explain herself in her biography.

New for 2017, the Androscoggin River (same river that runs through Lewiston) canoe trip will start on the Magalloway River 120 miles upstream of Bates, eventually feeding into Lake Umbagog. After a day of paddling around the lake, get ready for some Class II-III rapids followed by an easy finish through the Great North Woods of New Hampshire.

Moosehead Lake (Level 3)

Moosehead Lake I Leaders: Suzie Elfman and Ben Skiest


a moose its swimming to the canoe

we’re safe it ate ben

WHATSUPP FUTURE BOBCATS!!!! Looking to go to the dopest spot in Maine? Then Moosehead Lake IS your trip !! We will be sending it up Moosehead Lake, viewing some gnarly sunsets, and taking some refreshing dips in the wa-wa. My name is Suzie Elfman and I will be one of your two fearless AESOP leaders for this trip. I’m going to be a sophomore at Bates and I’m on the tennis team. I love to get sendy in all types of ways, weather its up a mountain or in the water! I send it so hard I even broke my back this winter sending it off a skii-jump! I was in critical condition and didn’t know if I would ever walk again, BUT; I bounced back just for this trip! On this trip we will see some tight views while canoeing in the largest lake in Maine. It is also the largest mountain lake in the eastern United States!! This trip is also well suited for anyone looking to buff up their biceps and triceps, we will have you looking #BIG in no time to impress your future classmates. There will also be some exploring and island hopping to look forward to! Keep this haiku in mind as you mentally prepare to have this trip knock your socks off!

A Haiku for you: Paddling down my life

Can’t think of Next line Refrigerator

O, sorry, I didn’t see you there.

I was just reciting some of the poetry I’ve been practicing for the trip. But now that we’re settled in I should tell you a little bit about this dope trip. YES! YES, YES, YES!! My name is Ben Skiest and I have been given the privilege to guide our AESOP directly from Dean Herbert Spencer (after winning a hunger games style battle royale (I’m nice with a trident ;) )). I’ve been training for this trip for all my life and I won’t let you down. This trip is going to be so dope because its two of everyone’s favorite things: moose heads and sea bass. Yeah that’s right, we kind of got scummed for funds this year so we’ll be teaching all of you how to catch sea bass with your bare hands. A little bit about myself: I enjoy ultimate Frisbee, pondering life’s deep philosophical questions (e.g. what’s Waldo’s deal, is he trying to hide from someone or do we genuinely not know where this guy is), and taking dips in lakes named after mammals body parts. But in all seriousness this trip is going to be so fun, maybe too fun if I’m being honest with you. Actually don’t sign up for this trip if you a lame boy! P.S. We’ll be having daily haiku battles so please come prepared with an original haiku!

Moosehead Lake II Leaders: Adam Garnder and Olivia Harwood

Hello AESOPers! My name is Adam Gardner and I’m from a tiny town just north of NYC know as Hastings-On-Hudson, New York. I am a sophomore at Bates, with plans to be a double major (economics and environmental studies). I am a huge music fan (Hip-Hop, Jazz, R&B, pretty much everything besides Country.) and heavily involved in the music scene on campus. I have a radio show with my good friends and in the past, have had some crazy late night time slots (think 12-2am and 2-4am). I am also a concert chair at school, which gives me control over organizing all the great musical events we get to enjoy over the course of the year. On any given day at Bates you can find me blasting music in my room, avoiding homework at all costs and laughing with friends in commons. I am more than excited to lead the farm trip with my great friend Olivia. We will make this the greatest AESOP trip of 2017, so if you decide to join us, prepare to have the time of your lives.

Hellooooo AESOPers! My name is Olivia Harwood and I’m from Westborough, Massachusetts. I’m going to be a sophomore at Bates in the fall and am majoring in psychology although I came to Bates with plans to major in biology. I’m also a member of the women’s lacrosse team at Bates (ROLLLLLLL ‘CATS) and am green dot certified!!!! (you’ll learn all about that during orientation week). Some of my favorite things to do at Bates include spending countless hours in commons, hitting the den for some late night chocolate milk, and procrastinating by making dope playlists (you guys will get to experience some of them on our van ride but until then, follow me on spotify @oliviaaharwood). You’ll soon learn that my favorite things in life are grilled cheese and laughter but my dog, Reggie, and Tom Brady also hold very special places in my heart. I can’t express how happy I am that all of you chose to come to Bates. There are so many great experiences ahead of you, one of them being AESOP. I was really nervous for my AESOP trip but it turned out to be one of the best weeks of my time as a first year. I can’t wait for all of you to have the same experience and to kick off the school year together!

Nestled among scenic mountain ranges, Moosehead Lake in Maine is New England’s largest lake. Its island studded waters stretch as far as the eye can see, and are surrounded by vast forested wilderness. Starting your paddle in Cowan Cove, your days will be filled by covering mileage over the water, passing by islands and hugging the shoreline most of the time. Passing through The Narrows, you will spend your nights at Jewett Cove, and Spencer Bay and spend the last day in Lily Bay State Park chilling on their sandy beaches and reminiscing about the amazing trip in which you just partook.

Saco River (Level 2)

Saco River Leaders: Erni Whitaker and Zander Rolph

WAZUPPPP (sticks tongue out and shakes head). Erni-dog at your service. I come from the beautiful land of SLO (look it up, figure it out) and love to feel the sand in-between my toes. But don’t put me in a box just yet cause I also love speaking beautiful Italian in the boot country over in Europe. I love to watch How to Get Away with Murder but I also get scared so I may ask to share sleeping bag with someone out there in the woods. I love a good bowl of skyline chili and my stylish white crocs (still pristine as ever). I’m beyond stoked to meet everyone and share our secrets and teach you all the things I’ve learned from my time at bates (i.e. when to get your fish on in the pool or what to do if your roommate throws up in her bed). You better believe I’m ready to hike, sweat, maybe even group hug a little bit. xoxo – E

Hi, it’s Zanbaby, Zander Rolph, also from SLO CA where I shred the gnar on the waves and splish splashy in the tide pools. I’m a sophomore at bates and spend most of my time standing on Mount David or engaging in academic activities and that’s it. I have a good smile. In my spare time, I play squash, I get sendy climbing, I am on the Bates IM Water Polo team, but most importantly I know how to lifeguard. I wanna get cuddly in the canoe and give you some shreddy tips on how to have a good time at Bates. I have crazy stories from Bates as examples I was on tv on a snow day. If you are down to have a wet and wild time come canoe in a lake. Peace and love kids, super stoked to meet you all. Hugs and kisses -Z

Spend your AESOP trip canoeing down the Saco – a historic river that prompted the settlement of several large towns along it’s banks. It crosses two states before draining into Casco Bay. The Saco is calm with a strong current, so canoeing down it is fairly calm!

Umbagog Lake (Level 3)

Umbagog Lake Leaders: Alexa Harrison and Zack Anderson

HI THERE BOBKITTIES! I’m your co-leader Alexa. Are you ready to paddle through the wild rapids of the great Lake Um-BAE-Gog. As a rising junior, Bates enthusiast and avid water canoer, I’m SUPER excited to take you all on this trip with my Pittsburgh-Grown-Long-Haired-Boogie-Boarding co-leader, Soccer Zack. A little about me, I’m from the great state of Massachusetts, home of the world famous Fig Newton and even more famous drivers. I discovered my passion for paddling for the first time when I whittled a paddle out of a single tree branch, a handy skill which I am willing to teach! In my free time I enjoy long walks in nature, swimming with the fishies, strapping canoes to the roof of my Prius and exploring lakes in New England. I can’t wait to take you guys on this rad 4 day adventure full of throwback music and introduce you to the wonderful world of Bates!!

Greetings young Bobkittens, I am your fearless co-leader Soccer Zack! I am super stoked to be your co-leader for 4 rad days of paddling on the beautiful Lake Umbagog, with my earth-toned-sweater-loving-future-cat-lady co-leader Alexa. If you enjoy activities ranging from eating meat sticks to talking about Disney movies, this trip is for you! On the school side of things, I am a rising junior Sociology major. When I am not cruising lakes in canoes I enjoy shredding at the Higgins Barrel factory (surfing, NOT SUPing or boogie-boarding contrary to what Alexa says), eating large quantities of ice cream, reliving my high school athletic glory in intramurals, and strolling through the Maine woods. This summer I will be in Alaska working on a commercial salmon fishing boat, which hopefully will give me some good material for campfire storytime. I can’t wait for you to join us on this aquatic adventure and kick off your Bates experience!

This canoeing trip provides adventure as you explore all the inlets and coves in the wonderful Umbagog Lake. Paddle through Sweet Meadows and canoe as much as the Lake as possible! Paddle all day, with breaks for swimming, exploration and relaxation at Diamond Peaks and Cedar Stump campsites. Take in the amazing scenery and wildlife as you travel down the Androscoggin River on your last day.

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