Carl Steidel

  • Carl P. Steidel

  • 207-786-6220
  • Student Affairs
  • Associate Dean of Students for Student Support and Conduct
  • Lane Hall, Room 103

Assistant Dean of Students

As an Assistant Dean of Students, Carl Steidel is the Sophomore Dean and is responsible for oversight of the student conduct system. As the Sophomore Dean, he provides informal academic and personal advising to sophomore students and occasionally serves as a formal advisor to assist faculty members who may be on leave. Dean Steidel meets with all students involved in minor cases of misconduct including all strikes. For more serious cases, Dean Steidel conducts investigations and works with the Student Conduct Committee, a group comprised of faculty, staff and students, who hear cases where suspension or expulsion are considered. He also coordinates the college’s conflict resolution program, serves as coordinator of the Bates Intervention Team and is a member of the Title IX Team. Dean Steidel has been at Bates College since July 2011.

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