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Here are a list of the Everything Else trips we offer. Click the boxes to find out more about the specific trips available and the awesome Batesies who lead them!

Surfing (Level 1)

Surfing 1 Leaders: Parker McDonald and Amanda Engelbrekt

Good day ladies and Gentlemen, the name is Parker McDonald I, some people call me Parker-HOTFIRE- McDonald… but most people don’t. Before we begin I need to tell you a little secret, I am a lover not a fighter. I hail from the surfing capital of the world up in Vail, Colorado. My Local beach, Popham, is a short 2,194 walk from my house, love strapping on the wetsuit and hitting the waves for some summer fun. This will be my second time leading the surfing AESOP and I couldn’t be more stoked. I am a Junior and a Sociology Major here at Bates. I don’t like to read, write, and I really really really hate run-on sentences because they are the worst and don’t even serve a purpose in a writing peace, its just like omg; why? I do love to laugh, smile, and chill with homies. I am on the Nordic ski team and love getting weird in the outdoors because nature never gets old! Choose this trip if you are looking for your first college experience to be legendary, wet, cold, and want to soak up the wind at beautiful Popham.

My name is Amanda. Approximately one year ago I was sitting in your position also reading Parker’s bio because I chose his trip and he was my AESOP leader #noragrets. My strengths include monkeys in a barrel, pouring water into ice cube trays, and yeah I think that’s about it. I’m an Alpine Skier so don’t discriminate against the state of water I shred. I usually text in only emojis but sometimes my mom gets mad and she’s the only one I text so… My yik yak game is pretty darn strong, I’m pretty sure I’m the number one draft pick to be the Yak rep at Bates next year. I am currently on the track to major in something like neuroscience or psychology and maybe venture into med school, but we’ll probably end up somewhere around philosophy. I spend most of my time that isn’t skiing in mountains in the library not doing anything, or taking pictures for Instagram. Parker and I are both avid Croc wearers. If you can wear ‘em in the water and wear ‘em in the sand, you should probably wear ‘em to class. Slide on your action straps boys and girls cause we goin go surfin.


Surfing II Leaders: Emilia Calderon and Robert Pellet

Emilia Calderon, international woman of mystery, is an Australian-raised Colombian, who is now freezing her butt off as a senior in Lewiston, Maine. A psych major and lover of language, she is able to psychoanalyze you in three different dialects: English, Spanish and French. Friendly and bubbly, Emi is the perfect counterpart to the brooding, rugged, handsomeness that is Robert Pellet. Her interests include playing tennis, dancing to Latina music, and having an accent.

Senior Robert Pellet, born and raised in France, somehow ended up in Maine. Now lives in Jackson Hole surrounded by elk, bears and mountains. I love pancakes but I’ll always opt for crepes. While some might compare us to the 1992 dream team, Emi and I are two outgoing energetic people, always up for a good time and never back down from an adventure. While you might listen to Hispanic music with Emi I’ll give you a taste for classic French hip-hop at its finest. I’m a big sports fan, and yes I love European rugby league.


Maine has some of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast. Georgetown is located in on the southern Maine coast and is one of the premiere surfing spots in Maine. Enjoy 4 days of surfing on the coast of Maine all while camping in Sagadohoc Bay. This trip is meant for all levels of experience; whether you’ve been surfing for years or have never seen the ocean before. Camp by night and surf, relax, and explore Georgetown by day.

Nezinscot Farm Trip (Level 1)

Nezinscot Farm Trip Leaders: Sophie Warren and Ellis Obrien

Hello friends! My name is Sophie Warren. I’m a sophomore majoring in Biology, I’m from a small town in Massachusetts, & I can’t wait to lead #farmsop2k16. My many talents include juggling, the capacity to eat an entire pizza by myself in one sitting, being able to touch my toes, and bunny hopping 3 times in a row on a razor scooter. I’m proud to say that I eat more peanut butter everyday than the average European eats in one year and I can type at an astonishing 100 words per minute if I was really trying. In my spare time, you can find me buying new jibbitz for my crocs, “playing” the guitar, and hosting a radio show at 2 in the morning. After spending 4 days with me, you’ll say “wicked” more than you ever thought possible and never want to listen to “Manhattan” by Sara Bareilles again, but you’ll definitely have some fantastic memories. Ellis and I are so excited to meet all of you!

I’m Ellis, but you can call me Ellis Obrien for short. I trekked to Maine, from beautiful and sunny California. I am an avid bird watcher and came to Bates for the sole purpose of examining the behavior and mating patterns of the numerous seagulls and geese on campus. If you don’t find me immersing myself in bird-related activities, I can be found in the WRBC radio station, dancing, volunteering in Lewiston, or competing in a wide variety of intramural sports. If you still haven’t found me, I’m probably attempting (failing miserably) at doing my homework. My academic “passions” include Economics and Environmental Science. Outside of what is mentioned above I enjoy watching football (I’m seriously obsessed), searing tuna (I’ve perfected the art), and doing calf raises in the weight room. If you want to live the life like Dwight and Mose Schrute, and have the best time of your life without a lot of grueling physical activity, join my fabulous partner Sophie (aka Sock) and I on the Farm!

This trip will be staying at the beautiful Nezinscot Farm in Turner, Maine. This farm is a favorite of Bates students for its homemade goods and delicious farm breakfasts. AESOPers on this trip will learn about farm life through hands on participation in daily activities such as feeding the animals and working in the vegetable fields. If you’re lucky, Gloria, the owner of Nezinscot, will make you dinner! 

Winter Hill Farm Trip (Level 1)

Winter Hill Farm Trip Leaders: Jack Sapoch and Emma Egan

Jack Sapoch hails from Hopewell, NJ, where he has established himself as a well-loved, antique-savvy, birdwatcher. Here at Bates, he enjoys sifting through the ancient relics of the college in the Archives, climbing very tall trees and promptly falling out of them, and hearing all the dirt on the politics professors. You’ll never find Jack without a pair of mismatched socks, a giant grin, and a deep yearning for adventure. Aside from his consistent treks into the Maine outdoors, Jack is constantly wrapped up in the quest to find the perfect pet to sneak into his dorm, be it slug, chicken or kitten! Fun fact about Jack: he has been to 6 whole different states!

Emma Egan is a soon-to-be Junior here at Bates, on an average day she splits her time between tapping trees for maple syrup on top of Mt. David and being the resident beat-boxer of TakeNote, a much loved a cappella group at Bates. Since she has lived in Maine for most of her life, Emma’s skill and knowledge when it comes to the outdoors is unparalleled; she’s cross-country skied down Katahdin, lived with the black bears in Acadia, and can even identify the 16 distinct subspecies of Maine blueberries by sight (ask her about it sometime!). Emma has worked on a number of organic farms and is also currently pursuing an environmental studies major, despite this, she considers Wall Street to be her true calling.

The Winter Hill Farm trip is brand new this year! Set atop a hill surrounded by woods and rolling pasture in the beautiful southern midcoast region of Maine, Winter Hill Farm is a small, family run farm in Freeport. They manage a herd of very rare Randall cattle alongside a few Jersey cows, and operate a small farmstead creamery producing raw milk, yogurt, and artisanal cheeses. They also have Berkshire pigs, a mixed flock of laying hens,and produce seasonal vegetables and flowers for a small CSA and farmers’ market! Come get some hands on learning on what farming in Maine is all about!

Arts (Level 1)

Arts Leaders: Laura Pietropaoli and Riley Hopkins

Hello. My name is Laura “Lauren” Pietropaoli and I’m a Dance and Rhetoric double major. Only Riley calls me Lauren. I’m a senior which is a weird thing to say, and I’m leading the Art Trip which is a cool thing to say. I come to you from Yarmouth, ME. It is pretty small and very near Portland and Freeport so yes, I go to L.L. Bean sometimes and I know about the Old Port. Because I am from Maine, I am inherently amazing at all things outdoors because of all the time I spend in the tents section at L.L. Bean. At Bates, I’m involved with the Dance Department and consistently take da stage at least once a semester as either a dancer or a choreographer or BOTH! Once I did a dance where I took off some of my clothes but not all of my clothes. I also choreograph plays for Robinson Players sometimes, which is Bates’ oldest theater club – Join if you want to live! I also do other art things like take pictures and watch movies. Once I made a movie. Here are some things that I have learned since being at Bates: Stand up for yourself. Clear eyes. Full hearts. Might lose. Riley never loses. My fun fact is that fun facts are never allowed.

Hai! I am Riley “Riley” Hopkins, coming to you LIVE from Augusta, Maine. I run into Laura a lot in the tents at L.L. Bean because I am from Maine and Laura is also from Maine so get it straight because we hang out all the time and do fun outdoorsy things…in Maine. As a rising junior, I am a Dance and Psychology double major and I think I know something about art so I hope you choose me! For the Bachelorette. At Bates, I am a tour guide so maybe I tour guided you once upon a time! I am also the co-editor for the ARTS section of The Bates Student, our school’s most reliable news source (and oldest coed collegiate newspaper in the COUNTRY). What else do I do? Well, like I said, I like art. You will be able to tell when you see my impressive collection of dance company t-shirts and Adidas soccer pants. I also dance with Laura occasionally as in all the time. We once performed the best trio ever with our friend and another AESOP leader Michaela so maybe we will do it for you on top of some mountain somewhere idk? Laura is the Yzma to my Kronk and we will take good care of you and nourish you and make this the best four days of your life. My fun fact is that I am a huge fun fact fan.

Visit art galleries, artist’s studios, Monhegan Island, and picturesque artistic spaces along the Maine Coast. Students will have the opportunity to explore in creative endeavors such as painting, drawing, performance arts, and photography in a variety of settings and landscapes. Monhegan Island is somewhat of a pilgrimage site for high profile artists who are drawn to the island year after year as a source of inspiration. Do as many famous and world renowned artists have done in the past, and experience the Maine mid-coast region through an artistic lens!

Rock Climbing (Level 2)


Rock Climbing I Leaders: Jade Donaldson and Dan Willsey

What’s UP Bobkitties? You sure will be if you come along on Rock Climbing I! The name’s Jade and I live under a very nice boulder (fully furnished) in the wild suburban jungle of New Jersey. Climbing is my one true love… well if we’re going to be real here, it’s second to sushi, but it’s a really close second. I’m an anthropology and neuroscience double major so don’t be alarmed if I start chillin’ with the indigenous tribes of the White Mountains and probing their brains. Dan and I met on this trip our freshman year, so we can tell you that it is the best trip ever! Hope to meet you all and introduce you to the wonderful world of climbing soon!

Howdy hamsters! My name is Dan and I am the equivalent of a rock at Bates. I rock climb, throw rocks, eat rocks, make fire with rocks, and play classic rock. Only some of that is true… I was named after Dan the goddess of beauty (don’t google that, not everything on the internet is true) and as a result I have a distinct love for fashion. Everyday I put on my socks first then my sandals, in that order. Born in the legendary villa of Glastonbury C to the T I grew up with a distinct love for the smell of dirt and rocks. Fantabulous facial hair has allowed me to disperse my distinct persona upon my brilliantly bodacious Bobcat buds. Here, in the wilds of Maine I have found a calling, not from my moose brethren, but from the mind. As an econ and psych double major, I look forward to picking your minds (and your noses) and sharing my wondrous experiences of Bates College with you.

Rock Climbing II Leaders: Rishi Bommannan and Celine Pichette

Hi! I’m Rishi. I am vegan and a fruitarian. I believe that eating vegetables is murder and it is only acceptable to eat vegetation that has fallen from their source. My favourite color is magenta blue and I only wear flip flops (even in the winter!) I once had a pet dragon from Australia, its name was Dudley. Unfortunately, Dudley died last year and I’m still sad about it, so please don’t mention it. I moved here from India with only my brother in 2007, we came on a spaceship because my uncle is Richard Branson. I prefer sunsets to sunrise. I biked across Africa. None of this is true but you will find out soon. I am also a poet and didn’t even know it!

Hi@you! I’m Celine, pronounced See-lions (you can see the ocean in my eyes). I know exactly fourteen languages, most of them extinct. I recently biked across the United States on a solo on a mission to find myself/I couldn’t figure out how to buy a plane ticket home. I love long walks on the beach and looking at sunrises. I have climbed several rocks and feel eh comfortable, I think I have small-ish hands, but I’ll let you decide for yourself. I love to navigate but I often get people lost, therefore we will be using a GPS. I think that I can identify birds via their calls, but I am 99% inaccurate. Working on it, will get back to you. I have my own podcast, called @Seelions.net, where I converse with myself on the various topics I find interesting. Hope to see you on our trip @seeyalater!

For beginners and advanced climbers alike! This trip lets you live on the edge for 4 days as you scale up the face of a cliff, go bouldering, and learn how to belay. Afraid of heights?! Our fearless and highly experienced leaders will take good care of you as they guide you along your path and we assure you that it will be the most exhilarating 4 days of your life! What better way to explore Maine and New Hampshire than by dangling off a cliff?

Mountain Biking (Level 3)

Mountain Biking Leaders: Paul Phillips and Emma Marchetti

Howdy, I’m called Paul by many and Spider Mike by a select few. Alas, ’tis been a grand day so far. Highlight? Discovering a hobo encampment along the mighty Androscoggin. Maybe they’ll let me chill some day. We’ll see. #goals. I rein from a small Maine town called New Gloucester. It’s a pretty cool place, about 1,500 seconds from Bates (by car), with a super rad village store that serves mind-blowing pizza. Check it out. Pizzas pretty in these days. As a Mainer, I love the outdoors more than I love my own bed. As an avid adventurer, hiker, climber, skier and canoeist, the outdoors is my living room. Here at camp Bates, I study the thoughts of others (and a few of my own) with the Philosophy department, sail slightly ahead of Emma (jk), and enjoy jaunts to Shagg Crag, the White Mountains, and the mighty Tumbledown Mountain. I’m also currently an E-Room director with the Bates Outing Club (raddest club on campus) and enjoy hassling folks to return their overdue gear (not really, haha). This will be my second year leading AESOP and I am on stoke cloud 10! I’m looking forward to taking some whips and some kook slams with y’all as we shred the woods of Maine on two wheels (although there may be training wheels available) in pursuit of Emma, who will be out-shredding me, for sure!

Greetings! My name is Emma Marshreddy and I live in a mountain. Well, among mountains, really. I hail from a wild place known to many as Whitefish, Mont(ucky)ana. love to do all things outdoors, including road biking, mountain biking, biking, cross biking, mountain biking and climbing, backpacking and biking. As a senior here at Bates, I study the environment and Spanish. You can find me on Taylor Pond, sending gnarly roll tacks (RIP Scribner) with the Bates S(alt)ailing (Cats) Team, shredding the trails at Bradbury State Park on my mountain bike, melting pavement with the Bates Cycling Club, and getting pitted on sick pillow lines at Sunday River. You may also find me fighting dizziness on my figure skates in the Underhill Arena or jamming out in the WRBC studio, broadcasting the very Hottest Red Chili Peppers, live to the world. I’m super pumped to share my passion for biking with you all, which should be a blast since biking is pretty rad. Biking. This will be my third year leading AESOP and I’m super excited to meet you all!! WOOOO!!!! Also, I was Paul’s AESOP leader many moons ago and so this will be an especially sweet trip! Biking. Peace.

A brand new trip this year. This group will head to the Carrabassett Valley to bike the trails near Sugarloaf Mountain. This is a premier location for Mountain Biking in Maine, with a variety of trails for all levels. The group will camp on Flagstaff lake, with access to canoes and swimming to fill any down time! In addition, the area is full of great hikes that are worth exploring. Bikes will be provided for those who need them!

Sea Kayaking (Level 3)

Sea Kayaking Leaders: Noel Potter and Jenny Rosenfield

Noel is a senior geology major from a little town in rural Pennsylvania. When he’s not outside hiking, skiing, climbing, boating, or tasting rocks (for academic purposes, I promise), he’s a captain on the club rugby team and enjoys good books, bad puns, and writing about himself in the third person. He’s currently studying abroad on Svalbard, in the Norwegian Arctic, where he’ll stay for part of the summer collecting data for his senior thesis. He can’t wait to come back and start his last year at Bates on an awesome kayak trip with you!

My name is Jenny and I am a junior Environmental Studies major and Women and Gender Studies minor. Outside the classroom, I am a member of Green Action Alliance (with my pal Noel), the Feminist Collective, Student Support Network, and the Ecoreps (I really dig the environment if you couldn’t tell). I’m a big fan of dogs, reading, being outside, and eating too much fruit pizza in commons. My greatest skills include referencing Friends and sending gifs to perfectly capture even the most nuanced of emotions. But above all, what makes me really unique is that I hail from the suburbs of Boston. I’m so stoked meet you all and to share this wonderful kayaking adventure with all of you!

Casco Bay will be the backdrop for this adventure of a lifetime; paddling among the lobster buoys and island-hopping among the Calendar Islands are just a few highlights. Day trips will be based out of camp on Jewel Island which houses the remnants of WWII forts and even a pirate’s treasure! Students are accompanied by our wonderful local Sea Kayak guide.

Biking in Acadia (Level 3)

Biking in Acadia Leaders: Alexa Harrison and Nate Kuzio

HI THERE BOBKITTIES! I’m your co-leader Alexa.

Get ready to crack out the training wheels! I’m kidding. This is intense. As a rising sophomore, Bates enthusiast and avid Big Wheel Racer I’m SUPER excited to take you all on this trip with my Vermont-Grown-Truck-Driving-Nordic-Skiing co-leader N-Kuzio. A little about me, I’m from the great state a Massachusetts, home of the world famous fig newton. My favor color is green and my first ever bike was a nifty Flyer Trike with a red hot frame and tassels. In my free time I enjoy hiking, canoeing, swimming and biking (obviously). I can’t wait to take you guys on this awesome 4 day trip and introduce you all to the wonderful world of Bates!!

HELLO rising bobcats!

My name it Nate “The Great’ Kuzio. I am a rising sophomore and I hail from the amazing state of Vermont. My Dunkin Loving co-leader Alexa and I met freshmen year and the rest is history. Fun facts about me: I like applesauce pouches, I’m on the Bates Nordic Ski Team, oh and I’m Mr. Roger’s cousin 8 times removed (but I try not to let it influence me). I am stoked to begin this two-wheeled expedition through the great wilds of Acadia National Park. There we will experience nature, get to know each other and have a blast!

This exciting new trip will explore Acadia State Park on bikes! (Why didn’t we think of this before?!) Winding through the heart of the park, you will travel over 45 miles on historic carriage roads passing pedestrians and horses alike and learning about the history of the park. Cycling around Eagle Lake and Bubble Pond may call for a dip in the refreshing water and riding back on the park Loop Road calls for some scenic views for sure. You won’t want to miss out on this adventure!



Questions?  Contact us at aesop@bates.edu