First-Year Seminar

Small class size and close contact with faculty

Simple things done well

The two most fundamental elements for life long learning are writing well and thinking clearly. At Bates, you’ll develop both from the start. Our First-Year Seminar (FYS) is a small class focused on improving your writing and critical thinking skills. Developing these skills early will help you in your transition to college-level academic work while also introducing you to your academic advisor.

Fall 2016 First-Year Seminar Programs: Coming soon!

We know it’s easier to learn about something you’re interested in, so check out the listing below, and find a course you’re passionate about pursuing!  **Please note that information is subject to change.

Working one on one

Your First-Year Seminar professor also serves as your academic advisor, a person you can talk with about your academic choices and direction. We’ve learned that students feel more comfortable asking for advice from a faculty member they know through a class.

For a complete list of the past year’s First-Year Seminar courses, please click here to be redirected to the 2016-17 catalog