BOC Minutes 2/26/14

I’m Back. 

  • Allie Balts brought up the possibility of brining a speaker to speak. He is an “old school, old money adventurer” and would brief our club on such things. Specifically, his area of expertise is in photography. As such is the case, we (I?) are looking into the opportunity of getting a co-sponsorship  with the photo club. The cost is 500 big ones.
  • Alex W visited Best Made Co. in New York. He confirmed that they do truly make wonderful axes that you ‘would want to hang up above your fireplace, use sparingly, and place back atop its rightful hearth.’ This company is offering internships for all those out there who worship the cult of the urban outdoorsman.
  • We got to play around with foam and a wonderfully adorable dog named bay. The foam came from Toby and Jordan’s connect who will be helping to refurbish our bouldering pads. Jimmy G (aka candle monger) could be completely paying for this. This would mean that we would have to redirect our donated funds towards some other physical thing. This is up in the air.
  • Gear has ‘poof-ed’ from the E-room. This includes expensive avalanche gear. If you have such gear, please return it asap.
  • The Legend–the legendary publication of days past, highlighting the prose and adventures of BOC members–is making a triumphant return this short term at the hands of Sir Brian k. If you have more questions/want to be involved in this process, email Brian.
  • Split board skins.
  • 4 pairs of KATUULAHAHAH microspikes. Noted for their effectiveness. 4 million dollars.
—Toby Comes Late, makes announcement about the lameness of Colby and Bowdoin outing clubs, specifically their capacity to compete in a climbing comp with us. THANKS TOBY, CAN WE GET BACK TO THE MEETING NOW?????—
  • Alex and his pops went to a nature preserve to do some back county XC skiing. They returned at a later date to find that many deer had used their previously-made tracks. We ponder here the toils of winter deer.
  • Chris Hucked a putley cornice. He sat on his tails. HUCKED BRO. I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT SKIING HAHAH.
  • Toby fell off a mountain bike into a pile of poison oak.
  • Johnny B. in MT at big sky. Wanted to do the big kuuhaha, but you need avve gear. So he got a guide and reserved an 11 ocklock spot. But he saw Tanner’s name on the list, and Tanner was after him, but he didn’t physically see tanner, what is going on, I’m so confused, john is a liar.
  • Julia went to the Jackson hole Kahlua bar, which is French for ‘Mudslide.’ She changed her mind and opted for just some sorbet instead. Unfortunately she promised her brother that she would only eat it if he was there. She had an opportunity to send early in the trip when conditions were right, but her brother wasn’t there. Later on, conditions sucked and the joint closed down. BUMMAH.
  • Josh Zimmer did lots of p90x over break. We all thought he was looking SWOLL even though he wasn’t at the meeting.
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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: Gandalf Returns