BOC Minutes 3/4/15

SOUNDTRACK (twiddle is coming to Portland in April. Go see them.)


-Goodspeed Sawyer Awards for seniors who have contributed the most to the club over the course of their 4 years at Bates. We voted at the meeting, but Judy will send an email for those abroad and not at the meeting.

(Here are the candidates: Guys- Josh Zimmer, Alex Weissman, Pat Tolosky, Tim Campbell, Bryan Lehrer, Euan H-S, Dan Bak, Sam Wells, Sean Murphy, Alfie Russo. Gals- Grace Pezzella, Jess Nichols, Katie Polio, Sarah Xiao, Olivia Gregorious.)


Gear proposals: Propose gear via email to me, they will then get put into the minutes, and voted on at the following week’s meeting.

-Grace: Trips > Gear. Yes.

-Kristen: Rollerdrome on Ice. 8:30 Saturday in Underhill Arena. Costumes encouraged.

-Pat: WFR update. 18 spots filled, only 10 deposits so far. Tomorrow there will be more spots open on a first come first serve basis. Pat will send an email.

-Pardo: We have hockey gear in the E Room now.

-Hannah: Event at Pineland XC center put on by She Jumps. Tomorrow evening. Moonlight ski/snowshoeing. Should be fun.

-Noel: The E Room will be closed on Monday. Plan accordingly. Going forward, Monday E Room hours will be from 6-7. Time for NARPS and athletes to bond in our lovely E Room.

-Koby: Climbing term: flatlander (n) (flat-lan-dur) : A non-climber. “I’m a flatlander” -Adam

-Adam: Trail Summit this weekend. He’s looking for a BOC poster of some sort to bring. Any leads?

-Josh: Ski The East/Meathead films will be at Bates to present the Working for the Weekend series with Bates alum Ben Leoni. Carnegie 204 from 6-8. There will be food!! You must see Josh’s email to RSVP.

-Alex: Heads up. In about a month, the BOC will be hosting the Maine Appalachian Trail Club annual meeting. (This is a pretty big deal) There will be a few hundred people there. If you would like to help organize, talk to Alex. You are all encouraged to go.

-Pat: Next week at the meeting Pat and Keenan will be looking for input to help change Bates campus culture. (Open guided discussion after the meeting) Let’s make the BOC voice heard while Bates gets turned upside-down.



-Euan: 2 pairs of BCA Trekkers ($350)  and maybe a couple pairs of skins. ($200) – Passed.


Gear Proposals: (EMAIL ME IF YOU HAVE ANY)

Koby Yudkin

$150 for directors room couches

I’ve been looking for a space for the outing club to use as a hangout area besides the e-room since not everyone has access to it all the time. I just went and looked at the directors room and I think if we got a couple couches and put in a solid couple hours of cleanup effort we could transform that room into a sweet hangout space where outing club members can hangout and socialize as a community.


$60 (Prodeal Price, half off regular) for enough chalk for the climbing wall to get us through the end of short term. We are averaging 300g of chalk used per week.


$363 for two more pairs of Petzl Lynx crampons ( Nate, Koby and I lead a beginners ice climbing trip last weekend. 15 people asked to go on the trip, but unfortunately the van could only fit 8 beginners. We will continue to lead similar trips for the course of the winter. We currently only have 4 pairs of technical ice climbing crampons so we were having serious problems keeping the non ice climbing crampons to stay on people’s boots last weekend. The Petzl Lynx crampons are the only model which can fit all of the mountaineering boots that the BOC has, as most of them are old and weren’t designed for technical ice climbing. Normally, these would cost $250 per pair, but with my Petzl pro deal, I can get them for only $170 plus shipping.


$150 for directors room couches

$60 for lots o’ chalk

$363 for two ore pairs of Petzl Lynx crampons



-Nate: Climbing on Saturday and THE NEW MAINE ROCK GYM on Sunday.

-Josh: Tyler Fish is coming to speak (“Friendship in the Extremes”) on the 26th. $300 plus hopefully some cosponsorship cash. – Passed.

-Pat and Alex: undetermined weekend (Maybe next). Winter tent round two. (Bring your fire extinguisher) Come learn how to use it so you can take it out in the future!

-Noel: March 21-22, beginner XC ski clinic. Stay tuned for an email.

-Come Telemark at Lost Valley on friday. Or Teleboard!

Activity with Koby. If you were here you could have learned how to tie some cool knots.

Today we learned the Alpine Butterfly.



-Doug: “Someone should tell a montreal story bc it cost like 1000”

Sunrise hike, everyone was of legal drinking age, so it was a rough morning. Doug said some mean stuff.

-Pardo: On Mont Royale, Pardo found a wallet with lots o’ cash. He returned it. What a guy.

-Julia: High school orientation trip on Moosehead Lake. They got into camp late and then went exploring. There was a pair of boots at one of the tent sites with a wallet and a bag of some funny green stuff. The boys on the trip decide to “partake” before dinner. Later the boots were gone…..

Chain Story From Meeting:


Yesterday Koby took his pet turtle for a walk, but Koby doesn’t actually have a turtle, it was really a tiger. He just thought it was a turtle because he was on PCP. At least it wasn’t bath salts! Fortunately, the tigers appeared to be tame and to test their patience, he brought them to a meeting with……..

*editor’s note: This deteriorated quickly, I’ll read it at the next meeting*

Catch you next week,