William P. Seeley

  • 207-786-6448
  • Philosophy
  • Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Hedge Hall, Room 315

Ph.D., M.Phil., M.A., City University of New York; M.F.A., B.A., Columbia

Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind, Aesthetics:  My primary research interests are in philosophy of mind, aesthetics, and the cognitive neuroscience of vision and concern attempts to understand and explain art, aesthetic experience, and the nature of mental states in general in terms of the operations of cognitive systems. Current research includes studies of the influence of attention, memory, and motor skill on perception and the ongoing project of providing a role for cognitive neuroscience in explanations of art and aesthetic experience.  I am also a sculptor.  My work has been exhibited in New York City, Tokyo, The Addison Gallery of American Art, and Yale University. Courses taught include Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Art, Colors & Sounds, Aesthetics & Cognitive Science, Art, Meaning, & Perception, and The Possibility of Artificial Intelligence.

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