What Our Alumni Go On To Do:

Examples of what our majors go on to do:

  • Ph. D programs in Physics (Harvard, Penn. State, Univ. of Rochester, Rochester Institute of Optics, M.I.T., Univ of Colorado-Boulder, Univ of Virginia, Brandeis Univ, Wesleyan Univ, Purdue, SUNY Stony Brook, etc.)
  • Ph. D programs in Economics (Princeton, Boston University, Georgetown University, etc.)
  • Ph. D in Computer Science (Carnegie-Mellon Univ, Columbia Univ)
  • NSF Science Board, Office of Public Policy
  • High School Physics and Math Teachers
  • Senior Scientist at Raytheon
  • VP in Marketing; Industrial Design
  • Columbia Business School
  • Ph. D in Science Education
  • M.S. in Mechanical Engineering
  • Ph. D in Applied Marine Physics
  • Ph. D in Geophysics
  • English Teacher in Beijing
  • M.S. in Radiology
  • Product Development Engineer
  • Medical Equipment Salesman
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Ph. D in Biochemistry
  • Ph. D in Mathematics
  • D.M.D
  • M.D.
  • Boat Designer and Builder
  • Marketing Account Manager
  • Patent Examiner
  • Real Estate and Business Analyst

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