Governance and Conflict

Global politics; conflict resolution; issues of legitimacy, civil strife, peace, and war.

Governance and Conflict courses

This list is subject to change as courses are added to and dropped from the curriculum.
100: African Perspectives on Justice, Human Rights, and Renewal (Dauge-Roth, Hill, Eames)
121: Moral Questions and Political Choice/or FYS 330 (MacLeod)
122: Government and Politics in Global Perspective (Pérez-Armendáriz)
160: Politics in the Muslim World (Aslan)
171: International Politics (Richter)
200: Democracy and Democratization (Scheideman)
205: State-Society Relations in the Modern Middle East (Aslan)
207: The State and Violence (Scheideman)
209: Contemporary United States-Latin American Relations (Pérez-Armendáriz)
220: Gender, War, and Peace (Plastas)
222: International Political Economy (Ásgeirsdóttir)
225: International Security (Scheideman)
247: Transition and Transformation in Southern Africa (Hill)
248: The Arctic: Politics, Economics, Peoples (Ásgeirsdóttir)
252: Religion and Politics in the Middle East (Aslan)
253: U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East (Staff)
258: Environmental Diplomacy (Richter)
260: Nationalism and Nation Building (Aslan)
296: Contract and Community (Corlett)
312: Ocean Governance: Local, National and International Challenges (Ásgeirsdóttir)
315: International Cooperation (Ásgeirsdóttir)
333: State Formation, State Development, State Collapse (Aslan)
335: Democratic Transitions (Staff)
344: Ethnicity and Conflict (Richter)
345: NGOs and World Politics (Richter)
346: Power and Protest (MacLeod)
347: Gender and the State (Hill)
348: Islam and Democracy (Staff)
376: National Identity and Foreign Policy (Richter)
s20: Spy Games: The Role of Espionage in International Affairs (Ásgeirsdóttir/Scheideman)
S24: Politics of Imagery in the Middle East (Aslan)
FSA: Vienna: Vienna, Budapest, Prague (Richter)