Political Economy

Interactions of political and economic institutions and organizations, among states, within states, and across ethnic or national boundaries.

Political Economy Courses

This list is subject to change as courses are added to and dropped from the curriculum.
125: State and Markets (Ásgeirsdóttir)
171: International Politics (Richter)
191: Western Political Theory (Corlett)
209: Contemporary United States-Latin American Relations (Pérez-Armendáriz)
222: International Political Economy (Ásgeirsdóttir)
224: Politics of International Trade (Ásgeirsdóttir)
247: Transition and Transformation in Southern Africa (Hill)
248: The Arctic: Politics, Economics, Peoples (Ásgeirsdóttir)
249: Politics in Latin America (Pérez-Armendáriz)
250: Politics of Third World Development (Staff)
253: U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East (Aslan)
258: Environmental Diplomacy (Richter)
290: Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa (Hill)
295: Reading Marx, Rethinking Marxisms (Corlett)
297: Household and Political Theory (Corlett)
312: Ocean Governance: Local, National and International Challenges (Ásgeirsdóttir)
315: International Cooperation (Ásgeirsdóttir)
329: American Political Development (Engel)
335: Democratic Transitions (Staff)
340: Democracy in South Africa (Hill)
394: Contemporary Liberalism and Democratic Action (Corlett)
396: Poverty and Democracy (Corlett)
s14: Gender and Tobacco (Plastas)
FSA: St. Petersburg, Russia (Ásgeirsdóttir)