Building addresses

Administrative Building Addresses

If you are having an item sent to you, be sure to use the correct mailing address for your building.

Admission – Lindholm House 23 Campus Ave.
Alumni Gym 130 Central Ave.
Carnegie Science 44 Campus Ave.
Chase Hall 56 Campus Ave.
College Store 65 Campus Ave.
Communications Office 141 Nichols St.
Coram Library 42 Campus Ave.
Dana Chemistry 5 Andrews Rd.
Facility Services 147 Russell St.
Hathorn Hall 3 Andrews Rd.
Health Services 31 Campus Ave.
Hedge Hall 7 Andrews Rd.
Information & Library Services 110 Russell St.
Ladd Library 48 Campus Ave.
Lane Hall 2 Andrews Rd.
Libbey Forum 44 Mountain Ave.
Merrill Gym 141 Russell St.
Muskie Archives 70 Campus Ave.
OIE 56 Campus Ave.
Olin Arts 75 Russell St.
Pettengill Hall 4 Andrews Rd
Pettigrew Hall 305 College St.
Post & Print 65 Campus Ave.
President’s House 256 College St.
Purposeful Work 146 Wood St.
Roger Williams 9 Andrews Rd.
Schaeffer Theater 329 College St.
Security 245 College St.
Underhill Arena 145 Russell St.