Technical Resources

The use of computers and other technology is critical for students of psychology.  Here are some resources to help you.

Creating an online survey

Brian Pfohl has created an Excel utility to help you create an online survey on the Bates servers.  Check out his online manual for instructions and to download the spreadsheet.

Another option for creating online surveys is by using the “Form” document type in Google documents.

Not sure which one to use?  Here is a feature comparison:

Features only in Google docs:

  • Required questions
  • Jump to… logic to present questions based on responses to previous questions.

Features only in Brian Pfohl’s survey generator:

  • Time-elapse tracking per page
  • Random assignment to different conditions
  • More flexible Likert scale labeling
  • Easier import of data into SPSS

The biggest advantage of Google Docs is that it is easier to configure. If you do not require the extra features in Brian’s survey generator, that is the clear choice.  Contact Brian Pfohl if you have questions about either approach.

Creating a poster

Most seniors choose to present their thesis projects as a poster presentation, either at the department-sponsored session in the fall or at the Mt. David Summit in the spring.  In addition, many psychology classes will have you create posters to summarize class projects and to give you practice before your senior thesis presentation.

Check out Brian Pfohl’s Poster-making 101 site with design tips and technical suggestions for creating a poster in Microsoft PowerPoint.

You can also consult with the staff at the Imaging Center to learn about making a great poster.

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