Life Architecture Short Term Course

“Building a life is about so much more than being able to pay your taxes and to budget properly, and to find a place to live. There has to be some deeper thread running underneath so you know why you’re doing all those things.”
-Rebecca Fraser-Thill, Director of Purposeful Work (read the Q&A…)

Course Description: Everyone works, whether for pay or for pleasure, in public or in private, with gusto or with dread. This course supports students as they prepare for a lifetime of work by encouraging consideration of the philosophical components of their plan including identifying and developing personal attributes correlated with career well-being, exploring the context of vocational decision making, and contemplating how meaning and purpose can be infused into any work. They also consider the pragmatic components, discussing how mentors can be cultivated, how jobs are best secured, and the practical considerations that can hold people back from realizing their visions.

Learning Goals for the course:

  • Understand the concepts of flourishing, happiness, and meaning and purpose in life, including knowing what they are, why they matter, and how best to attain these states
  • Appreciate the context surrounding vocational choices, including historical, socioeconomic and cultural factors
  • Prepare for the practical matters related to life after college, including searching for a job, cultivating mentors, budgeting, choosing benefits, finding and keeping housing, saving for retirement, and pursuing work-life balance
  • Develop insight into one’s own strengths, interests, values, identity status, skills and personal qualities including grit, resilience, mindset, and emotional intelligence