Commonly asked questions


Additional information regarding degree requirements and graduation may be found on the Office of the Registrar and Academic Systems web site:

Total Course Credits – Each candidate for graduation must complete 32.0 credits, and 2.0 Short Term course credits. Short term course credits do not count towards the 32.0 semester credit requirements. Please note that courses and Short Term courses may not substitute for each other.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) vs. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degreeAll students are awarded a BA unless they contact the registrar’s office to specify otherwise. You must declare your intention to complete the BS degree. It is very important that you indicate the correct degree you are seeking due to the timing of the diploma order. Please check the label on your graduation application for accuracy of the degree, as well as the other information provided both there and in the Garnet Gateway. Inform the Office of the Registrar and Academic Systems of any inaccuracies.

DegreeAudit – DegreeAudit is available in the Garnet Gateway for students and advisors to check progress towards graduation (found under the Student Records menu). DegreeAudit automatically updates as students register for and complete courses. Please check often and contact the Registrar’s Office with any questions.

Junior Year/Junior Semester Abroad credits – Very often these credits are not posted to your record until mid-semester and are therefore not yet reflected in the total credits on your record. Contact the Off-Campus Study Office, Roger Williams Hall, to check on their status.

Transfer credit All transfer credit must be posted to your record no later than the last day of the fall semester, December 9th. Students must submit all approval forms and all transcripts from the transferring institution by this date. If you anticipate any difficulty with meeting this deadline, see the Registrar.

Advanced Placement (AP) credit – All advanced placement credit must be posted to your record before December 9th. To request that official scores be sent to Bates, contact The College Board directly at

Quality points – Quality points are indicated on the transcript in the “totals” summary area. Every transfer credit, AP credit, IB credit, and JYA/JSA credit carries 2.0 quality points. 68.0 quality points are needed to graduate for four-year students; 66.0 for three-year students.

Minors – Students may declare one or more minors. Students must begin the minor declaration process no later than March 1st  of the sophomore year.

Interdisciplinary Majors, individually-designed – Students who have designed their own interdisciplinary major must submit their major for approval to the Committee on Curriculum and Calendar no later than the beginning of the fall semester of the senior year. Forms are available in Libbey Forum.

December graduates – If you plan on completing all your requirements by the end of the fall semester and do not plan to return for the winter semester or Short Term, complete the December Graduate form and submit it to Libbey Forum by November 1st. As Bates graduates students once a year, December graduates are graduated at Commencement the following spring. This is the graduation date that appears on the transcript following the commencement ceremonies. If you are unable to return for Commencement your diploma will be mailed to your home address following the ceremony. If requested, the Office of the Registrar and Academic Systems can provide December graduates with a letter in the interim stating that graduation requirements have been completed. Students who do not submitted the form will be billed for winter semester. December Graduates are not allowed to remain on-campus for the winter semester or Short Term and are not allowed to work on-campus as student workers in the winter semester or Short Term.   

 Physical Education – All students must successfully complete two Physical Education activities courses. Credits awarded may be viewed using the Garnet Gateway in the “Check your Academic Status” area and completion is notes in DegreeAudit. All questions regarding Physical Education activities courses should be directed to Administrative Assistant of Physical Education, Carol Carpentier.

 Also Note:

 Transcripts – Official transcripts may be ordered at no charge via the Garnet Gateway and may be delivered either electronically via secure pdf or on paper via U.S. mail. Telephone and email requests are not permitted under FERPA regulations. Check all deadlines and order transcripts early. During busy periods transcripts may take up to one week to process (i.e. end of the semester and registration periods) however, we generally accommodate requests within three working days. There is a limit to the number that can be ordered at one time. Unofficial transcripts may be viewed and printed anytime from the Garnet Gateway system. Outstanding account balances may affect graduation, invoke a hold on your transcript, or block access to your unofficial transcript on the Garnet Gateway.

Diplomas – We order your diploma using your full, legal name as it was recorded when you were admitted to the College. Diplomas are ordered early in the winter semester, therefore, it is important that you check all information on the Graduation Application carefully before submitting it.

Latin Honors – Latin Honors are displayed in the commencement program based on the winter cumulative GPA. Once Short Term grades are received from the faculty in June and GPAs are finalized, final Latin Honors are calculated. Any student who achieves Latin honors will receive (via mail) an updated diploma showing the honor earned. See the online catalog for GPA cut-offs for Latin Honors.