Course Change List (Cumulative)

Courses Added and Dropped from the Curriculum 2017 – 2018

AA/RH 202. Coming of Age While Black. Normally offered every other year. Charles Nero.

AC/AN 207. Anthropology of Race. Normally offered each year. Jacqueline Lyon.

AC/HI 299. White Supremacy: An American History. Normally offered each year. Andrew Baker.

ACS s31. Broad/Turns: Print, Protest, Performance. Normally offered every other year. Myron Beasley.

AN/LA 205. Citizenship, Borders, and Belonging. Normally offered each year. Jacqueline Lyon.

AS/HI 257. Caravans, Khans, and Commissars: A History of Central Eurasia. Normally offered Each year. Wesley Chaney.

AS/SP  338.  Asia in the Hispanic and Lusophone Worlds. Normally offered every other year. David George.

AS/PT 375. Political Economy of Asia. One-time offering. See Won Byun.
​AS/PT 324. Nationalism, Conflict, and Peace in East Asia.​ Normally offered every other year. Jiyoung Ko.

AS/PT s28. Domestic Politics and International Relations.  One-time offering. See Won Byun.

AS/RE s26. The Buddhist Himalaya: Religion in Ladakh. Normally offered every other year. Alison Melnick.
ASTR 202. Galaxies and Cosmology. Normally offered every other year.  Alaeksandar Diamond-Stanic.

ASTR 201. Introduction to Stellar and Planetary Astrophysics. Normally offered each year. Jeffrey Oishi and Aleks Diamond-Stanic.

AVC 311. Animation II: Experimental Methods. Normally offered each year. Carolina Gonzalez Valencia.
AVC 320.  Contemporary Photography: A Body of Work. Normally offered every other year. Elke Morris.
AVC 381. Modernisms: A Global Perspective. One-time offering. Mia Liu.
AVC s20. The Contemporary Still Life in Photography. One-time offering. Denise Froehlich.

AV/EN 208. Asian American Graphic Narrative. One-time offering. Tiffany Salter.

BI/CH s24. Introduction to Scanning Microscopies. Normally offered every other Year. Matt Cote.

BIO 128.  Out of the Sea. Normally offered every other year.
BIO 217. Human Anatomy and Physiology I. Normally offered every other year.  Bruno Salazar-Perea
BIO 218.  Human Anatomy and Physiology II. Normally offered every other year.  Bruno Salazar-Perea

BIO 327. Cancer Biology. One-time offering. Derek Laux.
BIO s13. Health and Medicine: At Home and Abroad. One-time offering. Karen Palin.
BIO s20. Gut Biology. Normally offered each year. Louise Brogan.
BIO s51A. Organismal Biology (BIO 190). New course beginning Short term 2018. Andrew Mountcastle and Carla Essenberg.

BSAC 005. Genetically Modified Organisms: Science and Latin American Perceptions. One-time offering. T. Glen Lawson.
BSAC 006. Introduction to Public Health. One-time offering. T. Glen Lawson and Oscar Arteaga, Univ. of Chile.
BSAC 007. Weird Literature: Viruses, Difference and the Question of Security and Order. One-time offering. Claudia Aburto Guzman.

CHEM 104. Introduction to Water Chemistry. One-time offering. Xiaqing Xu.

DCS s12. Community-engaged Computing. Normally offered each year. Matthew Jadud.
DCS 202. Nature of Data, Data of Nature. Normally offered each year. Matthew Jadud.

ECON 303. Institutional Economics. One-time offering. Se Mi Park.

ENG 202. The Global English Renaissance. Normally offered every other year. Jose Villagrana.
ENG 204. Milton and the English Civil War. Normally offered every other year. Jose Villagrana.
ENG 395A. Apocalypse Then and Now. Normally offered each year. Jose Villagrana.
ENG 395X. Digital Dickens. Normally offered every other year. Lillian Nayder.

ENVR 211. Ecology of Food and Farming. Normally offered every other year. Holly Ewing and Carissa Aoki.
ENVR s23. Community Writing and Gardens. Normally offered each year. Daniel Sanford.
ENVR s51A. Scientific Approaches to Environmental Issues. One-time offering. Holly Ewing and Camille Parrish.

EU/HI 214. World War II: Catastrophe and Transformation. One-time offering. Ben Moodie.

FRE 151. Gender, Race, and Social Class in French and Francophone Film. Normally offered each year. Mary Rice-DeFosse.
FRE  340. Social Pulse, Documentary Impulse. Normally offered every other year. Alex Dauge-Roth.
FRE s51A. First-Year Seminar About Truth. One-time offering. Alex Dauge-Roth and Micahel Murray

FYS 475. Theorizing the Ku Klux Klan. Christopher Petrella.
FYS 476. Coastal Hazards/Lab. Beverly Johnson.
FYS 477. The Story of Earth. Genevieve Robert.
FYS 478. The History of the Brain: Ideas and Delusions about Brain Function from Antiquity to the Digital Age. Jason Castro.
FYS 479. Ethics & Environmental Issues. Paul Schofield.
FYS 480. Communism. Jim Richter.
FYS 481. Truth. Alex Dauge-Roth and Michael Murray.
FYS 482.  Reading Cats and Dogs. Myra Wright.
FYS 483.  The Death of Democracy? Jacob Longaker.
FYS 484. Making Sense: The Social Significance of Sensory Perception. Josh Rubin
FYS 485. Contemporary Comedy. Tiffany Salter.
FYS 486. Wildlife Diseases: The Nature of Parasitism. Don Dearborn.
FYS 487. Politics and Performance on Stage and Screen. Clifford Odle.
FYS 488. From “Could We?” to “Should We?”: The Making of the Atomic Bomb. Lynn Mandeltort.

GEO s20. Lost Beaches of Maine. One-time offering. Alice Doughty.

GS/RE 322. Gender and Power in Christianity. One-time offering. Laura Carlson.

GS/PT 302. Gender, Sexuality, and Conflict Seminar. One-time offering. Carla Abdo-Katsipis.

HI/LS 213. The Cuban Revolution. One-time offering. Alexis Baldacci.

HIST 264. A People’s History of American Capitalism. Normally offered each year.  Andrew Baker.
HIST 294. The Revolutionary Black Atlantic, 1770-1840. Normally offered every other year. Joe Hall.
HIST 296. Nature and Authority: An Environmental History of Latin America. One-time offering. Steven Bachelor..
HIST 297. Money, Magic, Myths, and Markets: Capitalism in Latin America. One-time offering.  Steven Bachelor.
HIST 301C. Pax Americana: The History of U.S. Empire. One-time offering. Ian Shin.
HIST 301F. African Nationalism and Decolonization. Normally offered every other year. Patrick Otim.
HIST S21. Crime and Punishment in Africa. Normally offered each year. Patrick Otim.
HIST s51A. Teaching the Revolutionary Black Atlantic. One-time offering. Joe Hall.

INDS s33. Brazil in Watercolor: Sexuality Politics in the Tropics. One-time offering. Jacob Longaker.

JPN s28. Introduction to Business Japanese. One-time offering. Junko Onosaka.

LA/PT 353. Political Violence in Latin America. Normally offered every other year. Clarisa Perez-Armendariz.

LA/SP 317. Screening Citizenship: Jewish Latin American Film. One-time offering.  Stephanie Pridgeon.

LS/PT 352. Participatory Democracy. One-time offering. Jacob Longaker.

MUS 105. The Singer-Songwriter in History: From Bernart de Ventadorn to Bob Dylan. One-time offering. Benjamin Hansberry.

NS/PY 304. Embodied Cognition, Technoculture, and the Future of Identity. Normally offered every other year. Nancy Koven.

PHIL 321K. Philosophy of Animal Minds. One-time offering. Mike Dacey.
PHIL 332. Moral Psychology.  Normally offered every other year.  Mike Dacey.
PHIL 365B. Vagueness: Moral and First-Personal. One-time offering. Rohan Sud.

PLTC 456. Senior Thesis Seminar. Normally offered each Semester. Senem Aslan, Stephen Engel, Jim Richter.
PLTC s20. Global Environmental Politics. One-time offering. Carla Abdo-Katsipis.

PSYC 306. Positive Psychology. Normally offered every other year. Helen Boucher.
PSYC 378. Experiencing the Power of Picture Books. Normally offered each year. Krista Aronson.
PSYC s38. The Social Psychology of Film. One-time offering. Alex Borgella.

REL 106. Religion and Grief. One-time offering. Laura Carlson.

RE/SO 231. Sociology of Religion. One-time offering. Benjamin Moodie.
RHET 219. Race, Gender, and International Cinema. Normally offered every other year. Jonathan Cavallero.
RHET 391J. Film Festival Studies. Normally offered every other year. Jon Cavallero.

SOC 25. Consciousness in Sociology Theory. One-time offering. Francesco Duina.

THEA 339. Advanced Playwriting. Normally offered each year. Clifford Odle.

The following courses have been approved to be cross-listed by the Curriculum and Calendar Committee during the 2017-2018 Academic Year.

PSYC 399. Jr/Sr Seminar in Biopsychology. (Cross-listed as NS/PY 399)

SOC 290 – Political Sociology (Cross-listed as EU/SO 290)

The following course(s) have been provisionally approved to be reinstated by the Curriculum and Calendar Committee during the 2017-2018 Academic Year.

AVC 293 – African Photography.
BIO 351: Immunology/Lab.
BIO s23. Understanding Cancer.
ECON 320 – Advanced Econometrics.
ECON s51B. Six Beverages of the World.
EDUC s19. Theory and Practice of Writing and Tutoring.
ENG 113 – Theory of Narrative.
ENG 121I – 21st Century Poetry.
FRE s34. French Drama in Performance.
GEO s31. Limnology & Paleolimnology/Lab.
INDS 257. African American Women’s History.
LATN 203. Republican Prose. 
LATN 204. Republican Poetry.
MATH 102. Mathematics Across Sciences.
MATH 345M – Enumerative Combinatorics. 
MUS 110 – Music Theory for beginners.
PSYC 399. Jr/Sr Seminar in Biopsychology
SOC s26. Life Course and Aging.
SPAN 342. Latin American Intersections.

Courses Added and Dropped from the Curriculum
2016 – 2017

The following new courses have been approved by the Curriculum and Calendar Committee during the 2016-20167 Academic Year.

AA/AC 213. Police, Klansman, Colonizer. Yannick Marshall.

AA/HI 280. Health and Healing in Africa. Patrick Otim.

AC/HI 228. Making Asian America: Citizenship, Identity, Belonging.  One-time offering. Ian Shin.

AN/LS 238. Culture, Conflict, and Change in Latin America.  Normally offered each year. Jacqueline Lyons.

AS/CI s13. Literature and Culture of China. Nathan Faries.
AS/HI 301B. From Tibet to Taiwan: Frontiers in Chinese History, 1700 to the Present. Normally offered every other year. Wesley Chaney.
AS/HI s15. Sport, Gender, and the Body in Modern China. Wesley Chaney.

AS/JA 261. Cultural History of Japan: From Jomon Pottery to Manga.  Normally offered each year. Brian Ruppert.
AS/JA 215. Film, Literature, and the Cultures of Postwar Japan. One-time offering.  Helen Weetman.
AS/JA s24. Transfiguring Desire in Japanese Culture: The Legend of Ono no Komachi from Noh Drama to Anime. Helen Weetman.

AS/PT 283. International Politics of East Asia. One-time offering. See-won Byun.
AS/PT 286. Politics of China. One-time offering. See-won Byun.

AVC 209. Video: Moving Image as an Artistic Practice. Normally offered each year. Carolina Gonzalez
AVC 211. Animation I: Hand-Drawn Animation. Carolina Gonzalez Valencia.

AV/WS 345. Trans Studies in the Politics of Visibility. Normally offered every other year. Erica Rand.

BIO 126. Science Communication. Andrew Mountcastle.
BIO 205. Biomechanics. Normally offered Every other year. Andrew Mountcastle.
Bio s20. Bioinspiration and Biomimetics.  Andrew Mountcastle

CHEM 308. Topics in Physical Chemistry. Normally offered every other year. Matthew Côté.

CH/NS 320. Mechanisms of Memory.  Normally offered every other year. Andrew Kennedy.

CM/EN 208. Imagining Troy: Medieval Tales of the City. Normally offered every other year.  Sylvia Federico.

CM/HI 283. Rome and the East: Digitizing and Communicating History.  Hamish Cameron.
CM/HI 345. Writing the World: An Introduction to Classical Geography.  Hamish Cameron.

CM/RE 226. Blood, Birds, and Belief: Religions of Rome and the Empire. Normally offered every other year. Hamish Cameron

DCS 101. Introduction to Algorithms. Rajarshi Saha.
DCS 102. The Design of Digital and Computational Systems. Normally offered every year. Matthew Jadud.
DCS s11. Introduction to Programming for Data Analysis and Visualization. One-time offering. Ryan Nelson.
DCS s21. Build with Pi.  One-time offering.. Rajarshi Saha.

DN/TH s13 – Body/Site/Create: Site-Specific Performance at Morse Mountain – A site-specific performance course at the Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation Area. Julie Fox.

EN/ES 258. The Future Perfect Tense: Cli-Fi and Sense Making in the Anthropocene. Elizabeth Mueller.

ENG 263. Literature, Medicine, Empathy.  Normally offered every other year. Lillian Nayder.
ENG 322. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: 1970s U.S.Culture.  Normally offered every other year. Steven Dillon.

ENVR 209. Urban Environments: Resilience and Adaptation. Normally offered each semester. Francis Eanes.
ENVR 308. Urban and Regional Food Systems. Normally offered each year.  Francis Eanes.

EN/WE 248. Queer Studies. Eden Osucha, Stephen Engel, and Erica Rand.

EN/WS 395R. Sex Work on Stage and Screen. One-time offering. Myra Wright.

EUS 300. Sport in Europe. Normally offered every other year. Dennis Browne.

EU/SO s32. A World of Nations. Francesco Duina.

EXDS 201. Normally offered each year. Instructor permission. Daniel Sanford.

EXDS s15M Practitioner-Taught Course: Business of the Arts. Sara Juli.
EXDS s15N. Practitioner-Taught Course: Digital Marketing – Changing the Art and Science of Marketing.
Michelle Ashley Hart.
EXDS s15O. Practitioner-Taught Course: Practicum in Private Equity. John Chapman.
EXDS s15P. Short Term Practicum: Start-Up Project Management Boot Camp. One-time offering. John Stadler.

FRE s23. Francophone Cultural Café. One-time offering. Kristen Stern.

FYS 463. Ancient Greek Philosophy. Mark Okrent.
FYS 464. Knowledge, Mind, and World.Mark Okrent.
FYS 465. Communicating Science to The Public.  Andrew Mountcastle.
FYS 466. Math and the Art of M. C. Escher. Grace Coulombe.
FYS 467. The Rise of Graphic Narratives: Paneling Morality’s Discontents. Claudia Aburto Guzman.
FYS 468. Beyond Nelson Mandela: Themes and Personalities in South African History. Patrick Otim.
FYS 469. Reconsidering the American Dream. Ellen Alcorn.
FYS 470. Life Beyond Capitalism. Ethan Miller.
FYS 471. Race, Gender, and Identity in STEM. Aleksandar Diamond-Stanic.
FYS 472. The Dice are Cast: The Classical World through Analog Games. Hamish Cameron.
FYS 473. How Do You Know That? Benjamin Moddie.
FYS 474. The Literary Insect. Myra Wright.

ENG s23. Pulp Magazines and the Filmmakers Who Loved Them: The Birth of American Genres. One-time offering. Tiffany Salter.

ENVR 223. Biodiversity Conservation: History, Culture, Power.  Normally offered every other year. Sonja Pieck.

HIST 281. U.S. Immigration History. Kin-Yee Shin.

INDS 266. Environmental History of China.  Wesley Chaney.
INDS 302. Black Feminist Traditions. Normally offered every other year. Sue Houchins.
INDS 352. Preserving the Vibration: Digitizing the legacy of Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor.  Myron Beasley.
INDS s18. Wilde Times: Scandal, Celebrity, and the Law. Caroline Shaw.
INDS s20. Politics of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Brazil. Jacob Longaker.
INDS s21. Vikings of the North Atlantic: Explorations and Adaptations. Gerald Bigelow.

MATH 255F. Agent-Based Modeling with NetLogo. Normally offered every other year. Meredith Greer.
MATH 302. Topics in Analysis. Normally offered every other year. Katharine Ott.
MATH 495E. Networks. Normally offered every other year. Pallavi Jayawant.
MATH s51A. Course Design: Math and the Art of M.C Escher. One-time offering. Grace Coulombe.
MU/PY 297. Debunking Musical Genius. Normally offered every other year. Janet Bourne.
NRSC s51A. Short Term Innovation Project: Redesign of Introductory Neuroscience. One-time offering. Jason Castro.

NRSC 208. Neuroethics and Society. Normally offered every other year.  Jason Castro, Nancy Koven, Michelle Greene.

NS/PH 117. Brain Imaging: How Imaging Reveals the Brain and How the Brain Creates Behavior. Jason Castro.

NS/PY 382. Cultural Neuroscience. Normally offered every other year. Laura Ligouri.
NS/PY 463. Capstone Seminar on Human Cognitive Neuroscience. Normally offered every other year. Michelle Greene.

PHIL 205. On Being Human. Normally offered each year. Mike Dacey.
PHIL 206 – Philosophy of Cognitive Science. Normally offered each year. Mike Dacey .
PHIL s51A. Philosophy Thesis Redesign.  One-time offering. Susan Stark.

PSYC 236. Forensic Psychology. One-time offering. Luke Douglass.

PHYS s10. Basic Computational Science Lab Skills. Jeffrey Oishi.

PSYC s51C. Experiencing Children’s Literature. One-time offering. Krista Aronson.

PLTC 336. Explaining Wartime Violence. One-time offering. William d’Ambruoso.
PLTC 377. Experiences in the Policy Process. Jacob Longaker.

PT/WS 292. Freedom in an Age of Constraints: Concept and Practice. Normally offered every year. Nina Hagel.

SOC 104. Contemporary Social Problems. Normally offered every other year. Emily Kane.
SOC 217. Correcting and Controlling Behavior: A Sociological Perspective on Corrections and Social Control. Normally offered every other year. Michael Rocque.
SOC 239. Medicine and the People’s Health: Social Movements for Health Justice. Bridget Harr.

SPAN 315. Latin American Women Writers. Stephanie Pridgeon.
SPAN 337. Las voces del pueblo: Poetry and Music as Social Resistance in Latin America. One-time offering. Stephanie Pridgeon.
SPAN s35. Jewish Latin American Film. Stephanie Pridgeon.

The following courses have been provisionally approved to be cross-listed by the Curriculum and Calendar Committee during the 2016-2017 Academic Year.

AVC 248. Rock-cut Architecture in Asia. Trian Nguyen. (cross-listed as AV/AS 248)
AVC 229. Vietnamese Modern Culture through Film. Trian Nguyen. (cross-listed as AV/AS 229)
AVC s29. Vietnamese Modern Culture through Film. Trian Nguyen. (cross-listed as AV/AS s29)
CMS 210. Seeing Gods: Myth in Ancient Greek Art and Architecture. Lisa Maurizo. (cross-listed as AV/CM 222)
JPN s22. Tokyo Central: The Modern Metropolis in Literature, Film and Culture.  (Cross listed as AS/JA s22)
MUS 256. Opera and Gender (Cross-listed as MU/WS 256)
PLTC 219. Social Movements in Latin America. Jacob Longaker. (cross-listed as PTWS 219)
SOC 395K. Knowledge, Action and Social Change. Emily Kane. (cross-listed as SO/WS 395K)

PHYS 220. Climate Change and Modeling. Rajarshi Saha. (cross-listed GE/PH 220)

The following course(s) have been provisionally approved to be reinstated by the Curriculum and Calendar Committee during the 2016-2017 Academic Year.

ANTH 222. Archaeology and Colonial Entanglements in North America. Kristen Barnett.

ASTR 106. Introduction to Astronomy. Aleksandar Diamond-Stanic
CMS 210. Opera and Gender
ECON 348. Urban Economics. M. Murray.
ENG 121E. Introduction to Poetry. Steven Dillon.
ENG 222. Seventeenth-Century Literature. Myra Wright.
MATH 312. Geometry. P. Wong.
PHIL 274. Phenomenology. M. Okrent.
PHIL 321J. Self-Knowledge. L. Ashwell.
PLTC 219. Soc Movements in Latin America. J. Longaker.
PSYC 347. Personality Disorders. Sara Masland.
RUSS 401. Contemporary Russian I. Dennis Browne.
SOC 290. Political Sociology. Emily Kane.
SPAN 3350. Translating Place and War. C. Aburto Guzman.

Courses Added and Dropped from the Curriculum
2014 – 2015

The following new courses have been approved by the Curriculum and Calendar Committee during the 2015-2016 Academic Year.

AA/AC 227. #BlackLivesMatter. One-time offering. Yannick Marshall.

AA/RH 281. Black Pride and the 1970s. Normally offered every other year. Charles Nero.

AC/HI 289. China in the U.S. Imagination. Ian Shin.

AC/RE 272. Islam in America. One-time offering. Samaneh Oladi Ghadikolaei.

ANTH 201. Hunter-Gatherers. One-time offering. Martin Hrynick.
ANTH 206. What Is a Human? One-time offering. Ethan Miller.
ANTH 224. Anthropology of the State. One-time offering. Joshua Rubin.
ANTH s28. Worlds and Temporalities: Anthropologies of Time. One-time offering. Joshua Rubin.
ANTH s29. Global Maine: Building an Interactive Documentary. Normally offered each year. Elizabeth Eames.

AS/EC 240. East Asian Economic History and Development. One-time offering. Praopan Pratoomchat.
AS/EC 244. China and the Global Economy. One-time offering. Praopan Pratoomchat.

AS/HI 390K. A Tale of Two Cities: Beijing and Shanghai, 1800 to the Present. One-time offering.
Ke Ren.

AS/JA 144. The Literature of Protest in Modern Japan. One-time offering. Joanna Sturiano.

AS/JP s21. Japan: A Culture of Four Seasons. Normally Offered Every Other Year. Colleen Laird.

AS/RE 348. Epics of Asia: Myth and Religion. Normally offered every other year. Alison Melnick.

AT/GE s11. Find yourself in the cosmos. One-time offering. Rajarshi Saha.

BC/SP s23. Intersection of Biomedicine and Human Rights: The Case of the Chilean Mining Experience. One-time offering. C. Aburto Guzmán & Glen Lawson.

BIO 133. Biology of Cooperation. Normally offered every other year. Carla Essenberg.
BIO 307. Marine Microbial Ecology. One-time offering.  Kerry Whittaker.

BIO 332. Ecology and Evolution of Mutualisms. Normally offered every other year. Carla Essenberg.

BI/ES s22. Animals in the North Woods. One-time offering. Daniel Levitis.

CHEM s51A. Rethinking Introductory Chemistry. One-time offering. Matt Côté.

CM/EN 104. Introduction to Medieval English Literature. Normally offered every other year. Sylvia Federico.

CM/HI 112. Ancient Greek History. Normally offered every other year. Dolores O’Higgins.

EC/PT 284. The Political Economy of Capitalism. One-time offering. Benjamin Moodie.

DC/EC 368. Big Data and Economics. Offered each year. Nathan Tefft.
DC/MA s45T. Mathematical Image Processing. Normally offered every other year. Katharine Ott.

DN/TH 390. Advanced Production Laboratory. Sally Wood.

ECON 216. Central Banking and the College Fed Challenge. Normally offered every other year. Paul Shea.
ECON 372. Experimental Economics. Offered each year. Jean Paul Rabanal Sobrino.

EC/RE s23. Give Me Shelter: Making Housing Affordable; Making Affordable Housing. One-time offering.Thomas Tracy and Lynne Lewis.

ED/SO s24. Community Organizing for Social Justice. Normally offered every other year. Mara Tieken.

EN/ES 121O. The Creative Spirit: Self and Nature. Normally offered every other year. Lavina Dhingra.
EN/ES 121Q. The Lives of Rivers. One-time offering. Myra Wright.
EN/ES s31. Climate Change and the Stories We Tell. One-time offering. Elizabeth Mueller.

ENG 121C. Becoming America. Normally offered every other year. Robert Strong.
ENG 293. Creative Nonfiction. One-time offering. Elizabeth Mueller.
ENG 296. Methods and Modes of Literary Study. Normally offered every other year. Sylvia Federico.
ENG 395M. Colossuses: Joyce’s “Ulysses” and Wallace’s “Infinite Jest.” Normally offered every other year. Sanford Freedman.

ES/HI 269. The Secret History of French Peasants. One-time offering. Katherine McDonough.
EN/HI s24. Innovations in Mapping from Paper to Pixels. One-time offering. Katherine McDonough

EU/HI 258. Enlightenment and Revolution. One-time offering. Katherine McDonough.

EUS 215. Jewish Lives in Eastern Europe: History, Memory, Story. Raluca Cernahoschi.

EXDS s15J. Short Term Practicum: Journalism in an Age of Media Explosion. One-time offering. Peter Moore.
EXDS S15I. Short Term Practicum: Consulting for Strategy Development. One-time offering. S. Fisher Qua.
EXDS s15K. Short Term Practicum: Brand Culture Building. One-time offering. Peter Bysshe.
EXDS s15L. Short Term Practicum: Filmmaking. One-time offering. Wiebke von Carolsfeld.
EXDS s21. Life Architecture: Designing Your Future Work. Normally offered every other year. Rebecca Fraser-Thill.
EXDS s51A. Writing Across the Curriculum, Composition, and the Writing Center. Normally offered every other year. Daniel Sanford.

FRE 365L. The Writer on Stage: Contemporary Francophone African Writers Performing their Craft. One-time offering. Kristen Stern.

FYS 450. Race, Justice, and American Policy in the Twenty-First Century. Leslie Hill.
FYS 451. Modernism and Design: Europe, Soviet Russia, and the United States, 1918-1965. Brandy Riley.
FYS 452. Football, Fútbol, Soccer: The Local Politics of a Global Game.  John Baughman.
FYS 453. The Science of Fiction. Jennifer Koviach-Cote.
FYS 454. The Natural History of Maine’s Neighborhoods and Woods. Brett Huggett.
FYS 455. Neuroscience Fiction. Nancy Koven.
FYS 457. Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov: Reading and Contexts. Jane Costlow.
FYS 458. Games, Mathematics, and Life. Bonnie Shulman and John Stadler.
FYS 459. Presidential Campaign Rhetoric. Stephanie Kelley-Romano.
FYS 460. Environmentalism, Social Justice, and Education. William Wallace.
FYS 461. Gut Microbiome : The nextfrontier. Louise Brogan.
FYS 462. The Living Planet. Rajarshi Saha.

GEO 326. Igneous Petrology. Normally offered every other year. Genevieve Robert.
GEO s10. Tetons, Yellowstone, and Craters of the Moon: Geology of the Northern Rockies and Columbia Plateau. Normally offered every other year. Dyk Eusden and Genevieve Robert.

GER 256. The Age of Materialism, 1830-1899. Normally offered every other year. Raluca Cernahoschi.
GER 361. Austria between the Great Depression and Postwar Reconstruction. One-time offering.  Herwig Stingl.

HIST 287. History of East Africa. Normally offered every other year. Patrick Otim.

HI/LS s29. Montezuma’s Mexico: Aztecs and their World. Normally Offered Every Other Year. Karen Melvin.

HI/SO s16. Crime and Deviance in the American Civil War. Normally offered every other year. Michael Rocque.

INDS s25. Family and Gender in China. One-time offering.  Ke Ren.

LS/SO 106. Sports, Gender, and Nation in Latin America.  Normally offered every other year. Baltasar Fra-Molinero

MATH 305. Applied Partial Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems. Normally offered every other year.
MATH 355G. Computability Theory. One-time offering. Leon Harkleroad.
MATH 495C. Numerical Linear Algebra. Normally offered every other year. Henry Boateng.
MATH s45S. Non-Traditional Geometry. One-time offering. Martin Montgomery.

MA/PH 255E. Modeling Nature. Rajarshi Saha.

MUS 165. Music, Media, Technology: A History.  Christy Thomas.
MUS 394. Junior-Senior Seminar in Musicology: Music, Business, and the Law. Normally offered every other year. Dale Chapman.

MU/TH 262. Performing Music Theater. Normally offered every other year. James Parakilas.

MU/PY s11. Mind and Music in Multimedia: Film, Video Games, and Advertising. One-time offering. Janet Bourne.

NRSC 462. Computatuonal Neuro Seminar.  Normally offered Every other year.  Jason Castro.

PHIL 323C. The Metaphysics of Action. One-time offering. Paul Schofield.
PHIL s20. Film as Philosophy. Normally offered every other year. Paul Schofield.

PLTC 218. Statistics for Political Analysis. Normally offered every other year.
Clarisa Péréz-Armendáriz.
PLTC 327. Political and Economic Development. One-time offering. Cody Eldredge.
PLTC 371. International Peacekeeping. Normally offered every other year. James. Richter.

PSYC 319. Physiological Profiles of Mental Illness. Normally offered each year. Kaitlin White.

PTWS 326. The Politics of Authenticity. One-time offering. Nina Hagel.

REL 105. Battling for the Soul of America: Religion, Politics, and the Culture Wars. One-time offering. Jamil Drake.
REL 111. Religion and the Monstrous Feminine: They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara! One-time offering. Megan Goodwin.
REL 133. Religion, Violence, and Nonviolence. Normally offered every other year. Cynthia Baker.

RE/WS 311. Buddhism and Gender. Normally offered every other year. Alison Melnick.

RHET 273. Monday Morning Quarterbacking: The Rhetoric of Sports. Normally offered every other year. Jan Hovden.
RHET s30. Bates in Hollywood and L-A. Normally offered every other year. Jonathan Cavallero.

SOC 395R. Crime and Justice over the Life-Course. Normally offered every other year. Michael Rocque.

SOC s31. Life in the Nearly Almost Perfect Society: Exploring the Danish Social Contract. One-time offering. Francesco Duina.
SOC s51B. Re-Envisioning Global Health. One-time offering. Heidi Taylor.

SPAN 210. Writing Spanish. Normally offered each year. Staff.
SPAN 226. Gender, Race, and Sexuality in the Spanish-speaking World. Normally offered every other year. David George.

SP/WS s22. Militants, Queers, and Thugs: Latino and African American Masculinities and Social Movements. Normally offered every other year. Matthew Pettway.

WGST s41. Introduction to Queer Studies. One-time offering. Eden Osucha.

The following courses have been provisionally approved to be cross-listed by the Curriculum and Calendar Committee during the 2015-2016 Academic Year.

ENG 395P. Worldly Women as Artists. L. Dhingra.. (Cross-listing as ENWS 395P)
ENVR 246 – Conservation Biology. Staff. (Cross-listing as BI/ES 246)
FRE 377. Colon/Colonisé: Récits de l’Expérience Nord-Africaine. (Cross-listing as FR/WS 377)
RHET 242 – Passing/trespassing. Charles Nero. (Cross-listing as AA/RH 242)
SPAN 344 – Gendering Social Awareness in Contemporary Spain. Francisca López. (Cross-listing as SP/WS)
SPAN 366. Fantastic Hispanic Cinema. D. George. (Cross-listing as EU/SP 366)

The following course(s) have been provisionally approved to be reinstated by the Curriculum and Calendar Committee during the 2015-2016 Academic Year.

AS/HI 233 – Selective Successes: Alternative Narratives and Identities in Modern Japan. Paul Eason.
ECON 230 – The Economics of Women, Men and Work. James Hughes.
ENVR s29 – Walking. Jane Costlow
HIST s40 – Introduction to Historical Methods. Staff.
PSYC s30 – Contemporary Psychotherapies with Practicum. Katherine Low.
THEA 235 – Dress and Adornment. Christine McDowell.
THEA s27 – Scene Painting. Christine McDowell.



Courses Added and Dropped from the Curriculum 2014 – 2015

The following new courses have been approved by the Curriculum and Calendar Committee during the 2014-2015 Academic Year.

AA/EN s25. HIV/AIDS and the Colorline. One-time offering. Timothy Lyle.

AA/MU 221. Music in Film. One-time offering. Aaron Johnson.

AA/RE 233. Literary Representations of the Africana Literatures. Normally offered every other year. Sue Houchins.

AA/RH 159. Cinema in Black and White: African American Presence and Absence in American Film. One-time offering. Claudia Calhoun.
AA/RH 244. Race and Mid-Century Media. One-time offering. Claudia Calhoun.

AC/HI 271. The New England Way?: From Witch-Hunters to Abolitionists, Investigating A Region and its People. One-time offering. Ian Saxine.
AC/HI 305. Walking in Indian Country: Early American History Through Native Eyes, 1600-1815 One-time offering. Ian Saxine.

AC/RE 214. Election! Religion and American Politics. One-time offering. Megan Goodwin.

AC/RE s29. Religion and Monsters: What Scares Us (And Why It Matters). One-time offering. Megan Goodwin.

AS/CI 223. Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature in Translation. Normally offered each year. Nathan Faries.
AS/CI 312. Kungfu Cinema(s): Asia and Beyond. One-time offering. Mia Liu.

AV/AS s10. Between Past and Future: Contemporary Chinese Art (1980-the present). One-time offering. Yinxing Liu.

AV/TH 221. Performance Art. One-time offering. Gretchen Berg.

AVC 207. Ceramics: Making Sculptural Form. Normally offered every other year. Susan Dewsnap
AVC s27. Digital Video. One-time offering. Dawn Nye.

BIO 209. Global Change in Marine Systems. One-time offering. Joshua Lord.
BIO s11. Ethnobotany. Normally Offered Every Other Year. Brett Huggett.
BIO s12. Experimental Marine Ecology. One-time offering. Joshua Lord.

BI/ES 232. Global Change in Terrestrial Systems. One-time offering. Allyson Eller.
BI/ES 271. Dendrology and the Natural History of Trees. Normally offered every other year. Brett Huggett.

BI/GE 306. Paleobiology. One-time offering. Hilary Christensen.
BI/GE s26. Dinosaur Biology & Ecology. One-time offering. Hilary Christensen

BSAG 009. Mapping the City: The Urban Landscape as Text. One-time offering. Raluca Cernahoschi and Jakub Kazecki.
BSAG 010. Culture, Controversy, Cryptography, Calculus. One-time offering. Meredith Greer.

CHEM 314. Medicinal Chemistry. One-time offering. Patrick Jokiel.

CM/HI 286. The Crusades: Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Perspectives. One-time offering. Elizabeth Nutting.
CM/HI s51A. Studies in Ancient Greek History. One-time offering. Dolores O’Higgins.

ECON 302. The Economics of Natural Resource Management and Biodiversity Conservation. One-time offering. Adrian Lopes.
ECON 304. Macroeconomic Finance. Normally offered each year. Emily Marshall.
ECON 306. Economics of Strategies in Firms and Markets. Normally offered each year. Leshui He.
ECON 456. Senior Capstone in Economics. Normally offered each year. Staff.
ECON s51A. Big Data and Economics. One-time offering. Nathan Tefft.

EDUC 290. Internship in Education. Patricia Buck.
EDUC s31. Teaching English in Ethiopia. Normally offered each year. Patricia Buck.

EUS s23. Dracula Looks in the Mirror: Popular Imagination and Transcultural Adaptation. Normally offered every other year. Raluca Cernahoschi.

ENG 251. Downton Abbey and the Politics of the Estate. Normally Offered Every Other Year. Lillian Nayder.
ENG 256. Mapping the Postcolonial Imaginary. One-time offering. Matthew Franks.
ENG 395N. Literature/Cinema. Normally offered every other year. Steven Dillon.
ENG s20. Breeding Men: The Queer Politics of Male Pregnancy. One-time offering. Matthew Franks.
ENG s27. Downton Abbey and the Politics of the Estate. Normally Offered Every Other Year. Lillian Nayder.

EN/ES 121B. The New Nature Writing. One-time offering. Elizabeth Rush Mueller.
EN/ES 237. Books that Changed The World. One-time offering. Carolyn Dekker.

ENVR 272. Oikos: Rethinking Economy and Ecology. One-time offering. Ethan Miller.
ENVR 301. Politics of Nature. One-time offering. Ethan Miller.
ENVR s27. New England Mountain Literature. One-time offering. Carolyn Dekker.

EU/RU 213. Russian Identities and National Values in Russian Literature. Normally offered every other year. Marina Loginova.

EXDS s11. Financial Accounting. Normally offered each year. Lori Wall.
EXDS s15E. Short Term Practicum: Entrepreneurship. One-time offering. Darrell Williams
EXDS s15F. Short Term Practicum: Music Production, Recording and Mixing. One-time offering. Jonathan Wyman
EXDS s15G. Short Term Practicum: Urban Planning. One-time offering. Mike Lydon
EXDS s15H. Short Term Practicum: Mediation and Restorative Justice. One-time offering. Barbara Blazej, Elaine M. Bourne.
EXDS s20. Introduction to Computer Programming. One-time offering. Pallavi Jayawant

FYS 443. Christopher Columbus: From Hero to Villain. Baltasar Fra-Molinero.
FYS 444. Landscapes of Maine. Holly Ewing.
FYS 445. The Nature of Spirituality. Cynthia Baker.
FYS 446. The Communication Equation: A Mathematical Media Tour. Adriana Salerno.
FYS 447. Holocaust on Stage. Katalin Vecsey.
FYS 448. Why College? Jill Reich.
FYS 449. Well-being and the Good Life. Paul Schofield.

GEO s23. Melts, Glasses, and Magmas. Normally offered every other year. Genevieve Robert.
GEO s51A. Environmental Geochemistry Seminar. One-time offering. Beverly Johnson.

GE/PY 111. Polar Environment, Climate, and Ecosystems. Normally offered each semester. Raj Saha.

HIST s12. Imagining A Brave New World: India on the Eve of Independence, 1945. Normally Offered Every Other Year.  Caroline Shaw.
HIST s13. Muslims in Europe and America. One-time offering. Elizabeth Nutting.
HIST s14. Pirates of the Caribbean: Violence on the High Seas in the Early Modern World. One-time offering. Ian Saxine.
HIST s21. Natural Disasters: History, Politics, Culture. Normally offered every other year. Lydia Barnett.

HI/WS 260. Women and Gender in Middle Eastern and North African History. One-time offering. Elizabeth Nutting.

INDS 258: American Minority Religions: Goddesses, Guns and Gurus. One-time offering. Megan Goodwin.
INDS 302. Building a Room of Her Own: Writing the Caribbean Woman in Contemporary Contexts. Normally offered every other year. Matthew Pettway.
INDS 374. “Chanting Down Babylon”: Caribbean Popular Cultural Insurgency. Normally offered every other year. Charles Carnegie.
INDS s34. Place, Community, and Transformation – Kingston, Jamaica. Normally offered every other year. Charles Carnegie.

MATH 228. Mathematics and Music. One-time offering. Leon Harkleroad.
MATH 255D. Mathematical Modeling with Monte Carlo Methods. Normally offered every other year. Henry Boateng.
MATH 495M. Infinite Series. Normally offered every other year. Katharine Ott.

NRSC 459. Community-Engaged Learning Capstone. Normally offered each semester. Nancy Koven, Jason Castro, Nancy Kleckner.
NRSC 460. Cellular Neuroscience Research Seminar. Normally offered each year. Nancy Kleckner.

NS/PY 461. Psychoendocrinology Research Seminar. One-time offering. Nancy Koven.

PHIL 321J. Topics in the Contemporary Philosophy of Mind and Language: Self-Knowledge. One-time offering. Lauren Ashwell.

PHYS s51A. Microcontroller Laboratory. One-time offering. Travis Gould and Nathan Lundblad.

PLTC 206. Politics of Development in Africa. One-time offering. Jeffrey Paller.
PLTC 308. Violence and State-Building in Iraq. Normally offered every other year. Senem Aslan.
PLTC 319. United States Presidency. One-time offering. Mark Owens.
PLTC s28. Political Economy of Multinational Corporations. One-time offering. Alero Akporiaye.
PLTC s34. One Person, One Vote, and Questions of Representation. One-time offering. Mark Owens.
PLTC s51A. Statistics for Political Analysis. One-time offering. Clarisa Pérez-Armendáriz.

PSYC 347. Personality Disorders. One-time offering. Sara Masland.

RHET 242. Passing/Tresspassing. Normally offered every other year. Charles Nero.
RHET 248. Crime and Television. One-time offering. Claudia Calhoun.
RHET 391H. The American West. One-time offering. Claudia Calhoun.
RHET s10. Listening to Culture. One-time offering. Claudia Calhoun.

RH/WS 268. Confined in the US: Captivity, Hostages, and Abduction. Normally offered every other year. Stephanie Kelley-Romano.

SOC 206. Thinking Sociologically with Numbers. Normally offered each year. Michael Rocque.
SOC 395M. Race, Crime, and Punishment in America. Normally offered every other year. Michael Rocque.

SPAN 205. Advanced Spanish. Normally offered each semester. Staff.
SPAN 222. Short Narrative in the Spanish-speaking World. Normally offered every other year. David George.

WGST 202. Queer and Trans Sports Studies. Normally offered every other year. Erica Rand.

The following courses have been approved to be cross-listed by the Curriculum and Calendar Committee during the 2014-2015 Academic Year.

SOC 395I. Gender and Family. Emily Kane. (Cross-listed as SO/WS 395I)

SPAN 232. Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture in the Hispanophone Caribbean. Matthew Pettway (Cross-listed as SP/WS)

The following course(s) have been provisionally approved to be reinstated by the Curriculum and Calendar Committee during the 2014-2015 Academic Year.

AAS 390F. The Afro-Hispanic Diaspora (renumbered and cross-listed as AA/LS 290.)
Baltasar Fra-Molinero.

ANTH 125. Critical Perspectives on Sport and Society. Josh Rubin.

AN/WS 275. Gender Relations in Comparative Perspective. Elizabeth Eames.

AS/HI 233. Selective Successes: Alternative Narratives and Identities in Modern Japan. P. Eason.

AS/JA 130. Japanese Film. Colleen Laird.

AVC 215A. Painting: Nature and Abstraction I. Pamela Johnson.
AVC 215B. Painting: Nature and Abstraction II. Pamela Johnson.
AV/AS s16. Understanding Vietnam: Its History and Culture. Trian Nguyen.

CHEM 306. Electrons in Solids. Matthew Côté.

ENG 275. English Novel I. Lillian Nayder.

ENVR. Conservation Biology. Don Dearborn.

GER 254. Berlin and Vienna, 1900. (Reinstated as EU/GR 254) Craig Decker.

MU/PY 253. Music and the Mind. James Parakilas. (retaining MU/PY 395. Junior-Senior Seminar in Musicology: Music and the Mind.)

PHIL 321D. The Rise of Philosophical Analysis. M. Okrent.

PSYC s30. Contemporary Psychotherapies with Practicum. K. Low.

The courses listed below are those dropped from the curriculum during the academic year 2014 – 2015. They were dropped through two processes: (1) departments dropped courses when submitting catalog copy; and (2) the Committee dropped those courses not offered for four years which were not scheduled to be offered in the 2015 – 2016 academic year.

African American Studies/Art and Visual Culture 294
African American Studies/English s25
African American Studies/Music 221
African American Studies/Rhetoric 244
American Cultural Studies/Art and Visual Culture 340
American Cultural Studies/History 271, 390F
American Cultural Studies/Religious Studies s29
Anthropology 330, s18
Art and Visual Culture 390B
Art and Visual Culture/Theater 221
Biology 104, 209, s12, s21, s35, s36
Biology/Geology 306, s26
Chemistry 327
Chinese s40
Classical and Medieval Studies/English 111, 395H, s33
Classical and Medieval Studies/History 246, s51A
Dance 230
Economics 302, s32, s51A
Education 325
English/Environmental Studies 237
English 256, 395V, 395X, s20, s21
Environmental Studies 246, s22, s27
Extradisciplinary Studies s15C, s15E, s15F, s15G, s15H
French and Francophone Studies 371
Geology s34, s51A
History 216, 226, 229, 265, 390B, s10, s13, s14
History/Religious Studies 220
History/Women and Gender Studies 212
Interdisciplinary Studies 338, s25
Mathematics 355E, 495K, s45M
Music 220
Music/Psychology 395
Physical Education 105, 250, s20
Philosophy 232, 237, 321F, 321G, 322B, 365A, 395A
Physics s51A
Politics 165, 206, 244, 319, 325, 337, 342, 345, s34, s51A
Politics/Women and Gender Studies 220
Psychology 322, 375, s36
Religious Studies 303C
Rhetoric 248, 391D, 391H, s10, s31
Sociology 217, 223, 224, 256, 395A, s17, s21, s23, s35
Spanish 208, 216A, 250, 251, 340, 348, 354, 362, 449, 490F
Spanish/Women and Gender Studies 232
Theater s41