New Courses Approved – Short Term and Early Fall 2013

The following courses were approved by the Curriculum and Calendar Committee during the Short Term and Fall semester of 2013 and are hereby reported to the faculty. Additional information may be found in the Bates Catalog.

AA/AC 375. Curatorial Studies and Contemporary Culture. M. Beasley, A. Bessire.

ANTH 125. Critical Perspectives on Sport and Society. One-time offering. J. Rubin.

FYS 427. Ecopsychology: The Human-Nature Relationship. L. Sewell.
FYS 428. Nature and the Natural in Eighteenth-Century Literature. N. Valvo.

MU/PY 395. Junior-Senior Seminar in Musicology: Music and the Mind. J. Parakilas.

RHET 120. Introduction to Screen Studies . Normally offered every year. J. Cavallero
RHET 220. Constructions of Italian-American Men and Masculinities. Normally offered every other year. J. Cavallero.
RHET 240. Film Theory. Normally offered every year. J. Cavallero.
RHET 391F. Bollywood. J. Cavallero.

SPAN 232. Gender, Sexuality in Caribbean. Normally offered every other year. M. Pettway.

THEA 222. The Modern Stage: Beckett to the Present. M. Andrucki.
THEA 340. Theories of Drama: Theater and Film. M. Andrucki.