Registration Overrides

How to grant an override in Garnet Gateway

1.  Log in to Garnet Gateway
2. Select “Faculty Course Registration/Advisor Menu”
3. Select “Registration Permits/Overrides”
4. Select Term & submit
5. Enter student ID, click on submit (there is also a name search if you don’t have the ID)
6. Page will say “Student Verification,” click “submit” to verify student name
7. Page will say “Registration Permits/Overrides” – select the type of override and the course from the pull-down menus, click “submit”
8. A confirmation page appears –  if the information is correct click “submit”

The available overrides are:

Enrollment limit – overrides the capacity/enrollment limit of the course for that students – allows them to register above the limit
Class restriction – allows member of a class that are normally prevented from registering such as a first-year into a 200-level course that is not open to first-year students
Instructor Permission – overrides all of the above