Reunion 2011

The party that was Reunion 2011 is over. Now it’s time for telling stories in words, photographs and video.

Reunion 2011 report

Reunion 2011 vignettes, including the farewell to outgoing President Elaine Tuttle Hansen; an FBI man’s experiences in the 1960s; how actors risked lives in the pre-Schaeffer Theatre days; a gallery talk by Wyeth scion Victoria Browning Wyeth ’01, “the most biased speaker you’re ever going to hear”; and a tender goodbye to the late Peter Gomes ’65. Read more…

Video: The 2011 Alumni Parade

In this short video by H. Lincoln Benedict ’09, the Reunion Alumni Parade moves with characteristic energy from the Historic Quad to Alumni Walk. Watch more…

Slide show: Reunion 2011

Photographs of generations of alums, family and friends — all having Bates as their joyful common denominator. Watch more…

Citation: Distinguished Award winner Gretchen Davis ’61

The citation for Papaioanou Distinguished Award winner Gretchen Shorter Davis ’61. Read more…

Videos: Honoring the late Peter J. Gomes ’65

Bates said goodbye to the late Rev. Peter J. Gomes ’65 with an offering of memories and tributes on Saturday afternoon in the Olin Arts Center Concert Hall.

Video: Friends and former colleagues share memories of the late Peter Gomes ’65

Video: Historical images and audio in tribute to the late Peter Gomes ’65

Video: Nonagenarian Doris Whipple ’34 performs the Alma Mater

Doris Neilson Whipple ’34, 97 years young, accompanies the singing of the Alma Mater at the conclusion of the Alumni Association annual meeting and awards ceremony. Watch more…

Slide show: Is Hathorn Hall Bates’ own county courthouse?

That Reunion group wandering the Historic Quad on Saturday morning was following the funny and insightful Phil Isaacson ’47, a prominent Maine architecture critic and author, as he commented on Bates buildings, including Hathorn Hall. Watch more…

  • 'A Strong Reminder'

    "While I donate to Bates every year, Reunion years provide a particularly strong reminder of the significant impact Bates has had on my life. It would be impossible to repay all I received. Hopefully the little I've given back will help someone else have as fond memories as I do."

    —Carol Spencer '74

  • 'History Repeats Itself'

    Years ago, Maralyn Davis Mazza '49 attended her 5th Reunion with a Bates relative who was celebrating her 65th Reunion. This year, Maralyn observed her 65th, and granddaughter Courtney Stachowski '09 was enjoying her 5th. "History repeats itself, and I love it," Maralyn said.

    Maralyn Davis Mazza '49 and Courtney Stachowski '09

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    Chick Leahey '52 Heads Award Winners at Alumni Gathering

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