R.A.D Program

The Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) program is dedicated to teaching women defensive concepts and techniques against assault by utilizing easy, effective and proven self defense tactics.

Employing a system of realistic defense, women are provided with the knowledge to make an educated personal choice about resistance. The course was intense, yet exhilarating.
“I really enjoyed the challenge and I do feel very confident in the techniques we learned.”-Bates Staff Member
“It was alot of fun. The instruction was always positive and encouraging. I definitely feel more confident about how I would react in such a situation.”
Lisa – Class of 97
“Awesome!” -Bates Staff Member
R.A.D. is the fastest-growing and largest women’s self defense program in the country taught at over 400 colleges and Universities in the United States and Canada.
The course is taught in a relaxed enviroment, conducive to learning tested instructional techniques and proven tactics.
The program provides insights into the problem of violence against women and includes physical defense workouts for technique development and an exercise that is designed to simulate actual confrontational circumstances and allow the students to apply the techniques with 100% force.
Four key elements of empowering women through self-defense:

  1. Educating women in basic confrontational principles, understanding reaction time, vulnerable target areas, personal weapons, posture of conflict and development of a survival mindset.
  2. Dependency on self. Self defense trainers know that you must first depend upon yourself. If women can instill within themselves reliance on personal weapons, intuition and instinct, they will have little need for their previous “dependency-de fense” options.
  3. Understand the responsibility of making your own decisions by creating and deciding when and when not to use force in self-defense.
  4. Realization of your own physical power. By creating the opportunity for you to exert your physical strength, you will explore the limits of that strength.