Driver Safety Certification Training Classes and Requirements

The Driving Training Classes have been changed to an online format.

To become Bates driver certified, you must complete the college Driver’s Application and  the online Drivers’ Safety Course with a score of 80% or higher.

To submit your application and take the Drivers’ Safety Course,  CLICK HERE.

All drivers must also obtain a copy of their Driving Record (Driving History Record). The driving record can be obtained by visiting the licensee’s home state Department of Motor Vehicle or by going online with the licensee’s home state Department of Motor Vehicle’s website and requesting the record.

Finally, each person must receive practical training (road test) prior to driving a college owned or rented vehicle. Those that are being certified for an on campus job/employment, the hiring supervisor must also certify that the operator has been trained using their specific vehicle.

All employees under the age of 25 and students using the college fleet, rental vans or any other college owned or rented vehicle must contact the Transportation Coordinator, Kevin Plaisted at to schedule a road test. Please note that Road tests are available Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8am to 3pm, by appointment. You must show your driver’s license and DMV record to the Transportation Coordinator for verification AT LEAST 48 HOURS before the next scheduled road test. Those without appointments will not be given a road test.

The Department of Security and Campus Safety and the Driving Training instructor/s has the right to deny any enrollment or training due to late sign up or improper/incomplete paperwork.