Student Safety Program

A student supported safety program instituted to provide a safer way for students to move around campus in the evening.

The program consists of Safewalkers who patrol the campus on foot, offering to walk other students to their destination.

It is coordinated with a Liaison Officer from Security and Campus Safety. Student patrols are designated a certain area during each assigned shift.

With an assigned partner, made up of male-female or female-female teams, the safewalkers escort students from point to point on campus upon request, and offer these services to students seen walking alone.

The students also report suspicious conditions and people, violations of student conduct, and safety hazards to Security Officers. Officer Dennis Paquin works as the Liaison Officer.

These students are equipped with portable radios, flashlights, and safety vests. They also patrol the campus when not conducting escorts, acting as eyes and ears for Security, by detecting and reporting potential problems. The program further consists of Student Dispatchers and Saferide Drivers.

The drivers provide evening transportation of students on an established route with critical stopping points within and around the entire campus. A Student Coordinator overseas the program and Security supervises it’s operation.

This program has experienced a great deal of success and is an excellent way for students to take an active role in improving security on campus. If you wish to have an escort on campus during the evening hours, dial 6999 from any campus phone or simply pick up one of the Security phones (they automatically dial security).

If you want a Saferide, find a pick up point close to you on a Student Safety Program Map located near the entrance in each building on campus. Go to the stop and watch for a Bates Security Van.  Students wishing to work in the Student Safety Program should stop by Student Employment.

Safety Shuttle/Escort

The Safety Shuttle/Escort is available when no more than two students need to travel between on-campus locations. It may also be used to travel to and from off campus for those residing off-campus. There is a strict prohibition about transporting students to bars or off-campus parties.  A valid Bates Card must be presented to the driver.  Intoxicated and/or disorderly students will not be transported, nor is food or alcohol allowed in the shuttle.  Security reserves the right to refuse transport.  Additionally, Security reserves the right to escort via walking in lieu of using a vehicle.