Registration Process


ALL vehicles parked on campus (including motorcycles, mopeds and vehicles belonging to students living off campus) must have a valid parking permit. Vehicles must be registered with Security by September 12, 2012. Distribution of permits is determined by means of a student lottery conducted by the Representative Assembly (RA). Generally, first year students are not awarded parking permits. Parking permits are distributed by Security. Parking decals are $100.00 and will be billed directly to student accounts. Commuter Permits will be available to Seniors living off campus at a cost of $75.00. Commuters may park on campus until midnight. Students with a Merrill Permit must park in the Merrill lot at ALL times.

The parking decal must be properly affixed to the rear driver’s side window. If the decal is improperly placed, the owner of the vehicle is in violation of the parking policy. Should there be a question about the placement of a parking decal or illegally attached permit, call Security and Campus Safety. Any vehicle with an altered parking decal is in violation of College policy and the owner of the vehicle is subject to being fined and/or towed from campus property.


A visitor is any person not employed with or enrolled at Bates College who occasionally has business or another reason to be on campus. Students living off campus are NOT visitors to the College and are required to have a parking permit. Visitors who receive five parking tickets will lose their parking privileges and may be towed without warning or notice. Visitors are responsible for paying all parking fines and tow fees.

Registering a Visitor’s Motor Vehicle

All visitors desiring to park their motor vehicle on Bates College property must register their vehicle with the Security Office upon their arrival. A temporary parking permit will be issued to the visitor. There is no cost for this temporary permit. Visitors must comply, however, with the College parking regulations. For this reason it is the responsibility of any member of the Bates College community who has invited visitors to the campus to inform them of the parking regulations.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Permits

If a vehicle is sold or involved in an accident which will prevent its return to campus, the permit must be removed and returned to the Financial Office for a replacement. Lost or stolen permits must be reported to Bates Security immediately.

Temporary Registrations

Due to limited parking and the allocation of permits through the lottery process, the only temporary permits that will be issued are to those that already have a parking permit. Temporary permits will be issued in instances where a student is forced to bring another vehicle to campus. The student should go to Security to request a temporary registration. It will be verified that the student has a parking permit and a temporary permit will be issued.

Registering a Faculty/Staff Motor Vehicle

All faculty and staff of Bates College must register their vehicle(s) as described above if they plan to park on campus at any time. Upon registering, they will be issued a Bates College parking permit. There is no fee for a faculty/staff decal. If you already have registered your vehicle and received a parking permit after September 1, 1993, your registration is still valid and you do not need to re-register.

Should you have any questions, please contact Security at 786-6254 or e-mail