The Minor in Sociology: Requirements and Course Planning Suggestions

The minor in sociology is designed to offer students a basic and structured foundation in the discipline while complementing and supplementing the perspectives and forms of analysis offered in the student’s major area of study. Students wishing to complete the minor take six courses that encompass exposure to the theories, methods, and substantive areas of sociology.

The requirements for the minor include three electives and three core courses. Requirements for the Minor: Minors take a total of six courses in sociology. These must include the following three core courses, which are designed to complement the various electives a student selects, by providing a more structured foundation in the methods and theories used by sociologists, as well as an opportunity to conduct original sociological research.

  • Sociology 204- Theoretical Foundations of Sociology
  • Sociology 205- Research Methods for Sociology
  • Sociology 395- Junior/Senior Research Seminars in Sociology (minors must take at least one of these, although they are welcome to take more and apply those to the minor as electives)

The remaining three courses are electives. One of these may be a short-term unit in the Department of Sociology. Thus the minor offers students wide latitude in choosing the area or areas of sociology that interest them most.