Francesco Duina

  • Francesco G. Duina
  • 207-786-6319
  • Sociology
  • Professor
  • Pettengill Hall, Room 263

BA, MA, University of Chicago;
MA, Ph.D., Harvard University 

Professor Duina’s research and teaching interests include economic sociology, the nation state, regional economic integration, and the sociology of culture.

He has published numerous chapters and articles in leading journals such as Economy and Society, Journal of European Public Policy, Review of International Political Economy, Comparative European Politics, New Political Economy and Regulation & Governance.

He is the author of five books. In the area of culture, Professor Duina recently wrote Winning: Reflections on an American Obsession (Princeton University Press 2011). The book undertakes an unprecedented analysis of competition in the United States. It investigates, in particular, the ideas of winning and losing in American society. Why do we care so much about winning and fear losing? What characteristics do we ascribe to winners and losers? What is at stake in our competitive events? What are we after, really, as we pursue victory? The book has attracted considerable media attention and was recently featured in two radio shows: WNPR Connecticut Public Radio (Where We Live) and WAMC Northeast Public Radio (Academic Minute). In Life Transitions in America (Polity Press 2014), in turn, Professor Duina analyzes the dominant discourse in the United States on eight major transitions in life (from going to college to retirement).

His other books focus more on economic sociology, the nation state, institutionalist theory, and regional economic integration. In Institutions and the Economy (Polity Press 2011), Professor Duina examines from a sociological perspective the role of institutions in the economic behavior of the individuals and organizations, and in the functioning and performance of national and international markets. In The Social Construction of Free Trade (Princeton University Press 2006), he offers a comparative analysis of law and social change in the European Union, Mercosur, and NAFTA. And in Harmonizing Europe (SUNY Press 1999) he examines the problem of legal implementation in the European Union.

Professor Duina is a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of European Public Policy and Economy and Society. He is also Visiting Professor in the Department of Business and Politics at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.


Professor Duina’s CV – April 2015



In the summer of 2013, Professor Duina joined the University of British Columbia’s Department of Sociology. He will be on leave from Bates during 2013-2015.