Placement form

Thank you for your interest in learning Spanish. The following is a guide for first-year students who wish to take Spanish instruction at Bates College. As you probably know, Spanish is now the most sought-after language at College level other than English. Due to limitations in resources, filling out this form does not guarantee that you will be able to register in an elementary or intermediate level Spanish class on your first attempt. However, by completing this form you give the members of the Spanish faculty valuable information about your needs and academic preferences so we may be able to serve your needs better.
    Check the answer that most closely applies to your experience.
    AP Exams: If in your last year of high school you took advanced placement courses that included the study of literature, and you obtained a grade 4 or 5 in the AP Spanish exam, you might be eligible to enter upper-level courses (207 and up) with the permission of the instructor. Please note your score here if you wish to be considered for upper-level courses based on your AP exam results:
    Students who have received formal high school instruction in a Spanish-speaking country are eligible to enrol in upper-level courses at the 208 level and up. Instructor permission is necessary. Check here if you wish to be considered for upper-level courses even if you are a first-year student at Bates. You may want to attach a sample of your writing in Spanish for a better evaluation of your current level. This sample may be an essay you completed for your last Spanish class in high school or any other institution.
  • Comments If you'd like the faculty to consider any additional information regarding your placement.