Pettway, Matthew

  • 207-786-8352
  • Spanish
  • Assistant Professor
  • Roger Williams Hall, Room 309
  • Latin American Studies

Professor Pettway’s research focuses on Spanish Caribbean Literature with a particular interest in nineteenth century Afro-Cuban writers.

Matthew Pettway completed his doctorate in Hispanic Cultural Studies at Michigan State University in June 2010.  Dr. Pettway joined the faculty at Bates College in August of the same year, where he serves as Assistant Professor of Spanish in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. Professor Pettway’s work investigates the representation of Africa-based spirituality, Catholicism, race and slavery in Afro-Cuban texts, analyzing the seditious nature of such writing as well as its redemptive power to project a renewed sense of black subjecthood.  Presently, he is working on a journal article entitled, “Ritual and Reason: Negotiating Freedom in the Literature of Juan Francisco Manzano”.  Other projects include a book chapter about Gabriel de la Concepción Valdés’ representation of Africa-based ritual and festival performance as implicit means to slave rebellion.  Dr. Pettway teaches intermediate Spanish language, literature and composition courses and a multi-genre survey of Spanish American Writing.  He also teaches a course on Twentieth-Century Spanish Caribbean Narrative and a senior seminar on the representation of blacks in the history of Cuban Letters.


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