Pursue Research with Faculty

Sophomore Hub

One of the most distinctive characteristics of the Bates experience is the focus on student-faculty research. The sophomore year is a perfect time to explore the world of research, and make your own contributions to new knowledge and ideas.

Bates offers support for students conducting research as part of a course or during the summer months.  Funding is available for you to work as a faculty research assistant, on research of your own design, or on a research project at another research institution.

If you are interested in conducting summer research, talk to a faculty member!  Let people know that you are interested in research and ask if there are summer positions available. Don’t be shy! Professors want to know who is interested in working with them.

In addition to research grants, Bates also provides support for students to undertake major fellowships, usually during the summer, that take them to places around the world.

Most research and fellowship funding is awarded through a competitive grants process.

Full listing of research opportunities