Sophomore Hub

Welcome to this important year at Bates.

As sophomores you are in the full swing of college life. The sophomore year is a time of decisions, opportunities, and change. It’s the year you move into ever more challenging courses. It’s the year you declare your Major, Minor and General Education Concentrations. It’s the year you decide whether you would like to study abroad and where. It’s a time you may apply for internships or jobs and the year many of you assume leadership positions as JAs, Science leaders, writing assistants, in campus organizations or in athletics.

The Sophomore Hub is designed to help you navigate some of the important developments of this year. If you have any questions or concerns at any time please do not hesitate to contact the Sophomore Dean, Carl Steidel. Not sure about your major, minors or GECs? Confused about how you’re going to fit in all your classes in the next three years? Many sophomores find that it is helpful to walk through all their requirements and to plan out their course schedule for the rest of their time at Bates. Call or email Dean Steidel to set up a meeting so that he can help sort through it all and you can stop worrying about it! To set up an appointment or to ask a question, please contact Dean Steidel at 207-786-6220 or

Need some help planning out your courses for the next three years? Download the Course Planning Worksheet and complete it on your own or bring it to your meeting with Dean Steidel to work through all of your options.

Wondering what you should be doing during your sophomore year? Download the Sophomore Checklist – 2014 to get a leg up.

Follow the links below for important information for sophomores at Bates –