Dean’s Notices

A student’s participation in the work of a course is a precondition for receiving credit for the course. Students are expected to attend punctually all lecture and laboratory sessions and field experiences and to participate in course assignments and activities as described in the course syllabus. Students registering late are expected to make up all missed assignments in a manner determined by the instructor. Each instructor may determine the class attendance policy for each of his or her courses as long as the instructor’s policy does not conflict with college policy. Class attendance may be a criterion in determining a student’s final grade.

Students should consult with their instructors about all class absences. It is the responsibility of the student to notify the instructor immediately about class absences, to provide appropriate documentation for an absence, and discuss any missed class time, tests, or assignments.

What is a Dean’s Notice?

A Dean’s Notice is a communication to a faculty member informing them of an extenuating circumstance with a student.  Notices are provided when an unforeseen and/or unavoidable event occurs in a student’s life that may prevent class attendance, completion of an exam, and/or assignment on time.  Please see below to learn what does or does not constitute a Dean’s Notice.

Dean’s Notices are for:

  • Severe medical issues
  • Severe psychological issues
  • Medical appointments
  • Family emergencies (deaths, serious illness)
  • Surgery
  • Injury
  • Debate
  • Court dates

Dean’s Notices are NOT for:

  • Chronic health issues
  • Chronic psychological issues
  • Travel
  • Interviews
  • Athletic competitions*
  • Weddings
  • Family vacations

A Note About Religious Holidays

In recognition of Bates’ commitment to a diverse and inclusive student body and the variety of religions observed and practiced by our students, faculty are encouraged to consult the Multifaith Calendar posted online by the Office of the Multifaith Chaplain when developing course syllabi so that conflicts between in class examinations and major religious holidays may be avoided. Given the range of faiths embraced by our students, it may not be possible to avoid all conflicts between scheduled examinations and religious holidays. Students are expected to approach the instructor within the first two weeks of the semester if there is a conflict with a scheduled examination, paper, or project due date and a significant religious holiday observed by the student so that, when warranted, alternative arrangements for completing the work may be made.

*Managed by Athletics

In addition, Dean’s Notices will be provided for final exams only in cases of medical or psychological concerns.  Otherwise, if a student would like to move an exam from the date and time it is scheduled, the student must petition the Academic Standing Committee for permission to do so.

How do I request a Dean’s Notice?

A Dean’s Notice may be requested by:

  • Obtaining approval from Cindy Visbaras (medical issues)
  • Obtaining approval from Luke Douglass, Interim Director of CAPS (psychological issues)
  • Sending an email to for urgent requests.  A meeting with Dean Steidel may be necessary for approval.

Supporting documentation is required for all Dean’s Notices.  Additionally, a Dean’s Notice will not be provided retroactively except on rare occasions when the student is incapacitated.  As with all Dean’s Notices, final approval will rest with the Office of Student Support and Community Standards.

I received a Dean’s Notice. How do I make-up an exam?

If you have received a Dean’s Notice, or need to miss class due to an athletic event, and your professor has approved for you to take a make-up exam with the Office of Student Affairs, you must follow the steps outlined below:

  • Communicate with your professor immediately to discuss whether they will proctor your exam or if you will sit for it in the Office of Student Affairs.
  • If you will take the exam in the Office of Student Affairs, contact Carolyn Kennison, Administrative Assistant, as soon as possible to schedule a time to take your exam. To schedule an exam you may:


Call 207-786-6222

Stop by Lane Hall 101

Please note that Carolyn is in the office M-F between 9am-2pm.

  • Communicate with your professor to ensure that they send the exam to our office before your scheduled time.
  • Come to Lane Hall 101 to take your exam at the scheduled time. Please arrive for your exam on time. Arriving late may mean you are not able to use your full allotted time.

Important Note:
If you are missing an exam due to debate, athletics, or other event that has been scheduled ahead of time, you must schedule your exam with us a minimum of 48 hours/two business days in advance. For unforeseen events, such as medical or family emergencies, we will do our best to accommodate an exam on short notice. In this instance, please do your best to let us know as soon as possible so there is enough time to make arrangements.