Transfer procedure

For a transfer to another institution, please email Carolyn Kennison at

Transfer paperwork will need to completed and submitted to Carolyn Kennison no later than three (3) days prior to its due date.

In general, the following paperwork needs to be submitted:

1. College Transfer Report (from the Common Application webpage). Please leave this blank.

2. Mid-term Report (from the Common Application webpage). This only needs to be submitted if you are applying during the middle of the semester and is required by the college(s) to which you are applying. This must be completed and signed by all of your professors.

3. Addressed, stamped envelopes if mailing is required, a fax number and/or a contact name and email address to which your paperwork is to be submitted. Be sure to call the schools before submitting a fax number or email address instead of addressed, stamped envelopes– some schools still require the paper copy and will not accept faxes or emails.

4. Transfer Release Form. This will be emailed to you when you contact Carolyn Kennison to let her know you will be bringing her transfer paperwork.

Only one (1) copy each of the Transfer College Report and Mid-term Report are necessary. Copies will be sent and originals kept (for further use if needed).