Hiring Procedure

Faculty members should consult with their department chair before submitting any student employment forms.

Step 1.  Determine the Position Title

The first step faculty members and staff must take before hiring a student is to determine the position title of the job for which they wish to hire students.

  1. You will need to determine if the position currently exists. If the position is a Student Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Lab Assistant, Research Assistant, or Technical Writing Assistant, proceed to the “Hiring Students” section below. For more information about these established positions, click HERE.
  2. If your position is not listed above, please visit the All Jobs (Reference Only) page located on the main menu bar. This page lists all of the existing student positions within each department on campus. See if the position you desire is listed under your department.
  3. If your desired position does not currently exist, you will need to create the position. To do so, submit the Create a Position (On Campus) electronic form, found under the main menu tab “Employer Forms.”  When completing this form, you will have to provide details of the responsibilities and prerequisites of the position. Student Employment personnel will review the position description and determine the appropriate pay grade.

Step 2.  Post the Position

If you are looking for students to fill your position, you can find them by posting the position on our website.  You can have a position posted by submitting an electronic form found under the main menu tab “Employer Forms.”  There are three electronic forms that will allow you to Post a Position:

  1. The Post an Existing Position form.  Submit this form if you know that the position is already established in your department.
  2. The Modify Existing Position form.  Submit this form if you know that the position already exists in your department and needs to be updated before it is posted.
  3. The Create a Position (On Campus) form.  When you create an entirely new position, you can opt to have that position posted immediately.

Once one of these forms is submitted, the Student Employment Office will post the job on its website and send a message notifying students of the new available position.  Students will apply on the SEO website.  Applications will be sent directly to the supervisor listed on the position description.

Step 3. Hiring Students

1.  Check BWC

Before hiring a student, both faculty and staff must ask to see the student’s Bates Work Card (BWC). This card verifies that the student is eligible to work on campus.  If a student does not have a work card, supervisors may extend an offer of employment, pending receipt of the work card.  The student should then visit the payroll office to obtain a work card.

Students must have their BWC and show it to the supervisor before the hiring form is submitted by the supervisor. There are not exceptions to this rule.

2.  Submit Hiring Form

After you have checked the BWC, you must submit an electronic Hiring Form.  This form is also found under the main menu tab “Employer Forms.”  It is of extreme importance that the Hiring Form is submitted before a student begins working.  If the student starts working before a hiring form is processed, then the student will not have access to his or her time sheet and will not get paid.

3. Remove Position Posting

Once you have hired all your students for a specific position, you will need to notify the Student Employment Office so they can remove that Position’s Posting from the “Available On Campus Positions” List.  To make this request, please submit the Position Taken electronic form.  We will not remove any positions from our available listing until we receive this form.

4. Confidentiality Agreement

Depending on the job that they hold, students may be privy to personally identifiable (social security numbers, financial information, etc.) or other confidential information.  It students have access to confidential information, please have them complete a Student Confidentiality Agreement.   

Student Time Sheets

Once you have hired a student, it is your responsibility to monitor the number of hours a student has worked.  Please review Supervising Student Time Sheets.