A Graphic Display of Computer Savvy: An Interview with Eric Devaux

Eric Devaux, a senior at Bates College, has been working at the Help Desk in the Library since he was, as he puts it, “a wee Freshman”. Eric works about ten hours a week behind the help desk, fixing laptop problems Batesies might have, and attending to the library printers.

 The way Eric acquired his jobs at Bates was not through applying with resumes through the SEO website (although, every student who receives a job at Bates must file forms at the SEO before they can work at Bates), but rather was offered the job on spot by an employee of the Help Desk.“I got the job when I took my laptop computer, operating with Linux Ubuntu 9.04 at the time, to the Help Desk to set it up with access to the Bates network and printers. The person who helped me with this was Greg Struve, now my boss and friend. He saw how much time I had spent customizing and tweaking my computer and offered me a job at the help desk.” As we have seen in the past with SEO interviews,  Batesies often do not have to apply to positions to receive job offers, but rather just have to go about their lives! As Eric puts it “I just demonstrated a knowledge of computers which got me the job”.

The day to day tasks of a student who works at the Help Desk include “adding more paper to the printers or fixing a paper jam. Depending on the time of year, I will be very busy helping students connect to the network and printers. Sometimes, if I am lucky, I will have the good opportunity to take apart a malfunctioning computer to backup its hard drives’s contents.” One of the best parts of the variety of jobs on campus is that students like Eric can find work that they truly enjoy doing. 

When asked if anything story worthy had happened during his time working at the Help Desk, Eric responded that “One time, a student needed her computer fixed. This computer literally had a hole burnt into the back of the screen by a candle, but that wasn’t what she wanted me to fix… her mousepad had a slight problem, too.”

Working at the Help Desk comes with a few perks as well. “Sometimes Greg Struve or Lee Desiderio will give me funny shirts that say things like, ‘All your base are belong to us’ or something like that. By far the best perk is I feel like I have made some great friends who share similar interests in computers with me. Everyone at the helpdesk is so friendly and fun that it is always interesting to work here.”

Working at the Help Desk has already helped Eric when it comes to applying to other jobs and internships during the Summer. “Whenever I interview for a job now, they always comment how great it is that I have so much experience working with computers. That sort of skill is absolutely useful, no matter what career path I choose.” From this job, Eric has learned that people always appreciate a bit of courtesy and help. Eric also enthusiastically adds that he now knows “how to fix paper jams really well!”