An Inside Scoop On Student Jobs

Bates College offers a wide variety of positions for students on campus, allowing for them to work at a job that interests them and hones the skills they think will be useful out in the working world. Take a look below at some of the jobs our Bobcats are currently working at, what they do, and why they enjoy working there. Hover your cursor over each picture to learn who was interviewed, and what position they’re being interviewed for. Also, be sure to click on the pictures, as each one links to an interview.







         Nick Steverson-  Mays Center Monitor       Alex Daugherty- Editor in Chief of "The Bates Student"


               Julia Riback- Safe Walker

   Kyle Prohaska- Museum Attendant       Noah Sleeper- Library Archives and Special Collections Assistant         


          Hannah Miller- Master Carpenter        Erin Montanez- Slide Library Assistant       Elizabeth Sangree- Audio Department Student Assistant