ACS: Assistant Carnegie Science (S9994B)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

This is a Summer part-time job: Mondays, 8-4 only.

The main responsibility of the Assistant to Carnegie Science is that the lobby desk must be staffed whenever the building is open so that students can work in labs and people can hold meetings and lectures as needed. It is important that student receptionists have some flexibility in their schedules, making it fairly easy to find substitutes from the list of current semester employees. Carnegie is open until midnight Sunday through Thursday, until 8:00PM on Friday, and until 5:00PM on Saturday during the regular academic semesters.

Please Note: This job entails “policing” office equipment (copier, laser printer, computer) in this faculty resource area, from student use. If you feel that you cannot handle pressure from peers, please do not apply for this position.

Other Responsibilities:

The Basics

Department: Academic Support Services
Supervisor: Sylvia Deschaine
Office Location: 109 Carnegie
Email: sdescha2
Pay Grade: B
Hours: 8
Workers: 9-10 total

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


This student must have some knowledge of Carnegie (workings, procedures, layout of building for giving directions, etc.).


This Assistant reports to Laurie McConnell. He or she will also work closely with other student Assistants (for the purposes of substituting for each other as needs arise).


Front desk or Carnegie Lobby. The student will be expected to use phone, fax, and copier.