ADM: Diversity Outreach Coordinator (S9988C)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

The recruitment of multicultural students is a high priority for the Office of Admission. The Diversity Outreach Coordinators will serve as liaisons for the campus to solicit students to participate in the recruitment of multicultural and first-generation students. Additionally, the person in this position will assist the Office of Admission in finding hosts for students visiting during the Prologue and Preface programs to explore the opportunities the College has to offer. Because of the importance of these overnight programs, as well as the issues related to high school students spending the night on a college campus, this is an especially serious position demanding hands-on management and a particularly high sense of maturity and responsibility. Diversity Outreach Coordinators are supported by the Office of Admission and other Students in Admission groups and will be expected to participate in general Admission events as well as those focused on multicultural students.


Specific responsibilities include, but may not be limited to:

  1. Supervise, train, and evaluate a network of prospective student hosts.
  2. Solicit participation of members of various cultural organizations to serve as Admission volunteers.
  3. Ensure that every prospective Prologue/Preface student has a safe and comfortable place to stay overnight during the Prologue/Preface to Bates programs and other overnight programs.
  4. Work as a representative of Prologue/Preface at the registration tables.
  5. Serve as the first contact for prospective students, hosts, Office of Admission, Security, and/or Facility Services if any problems arise during the Prologue/Preface overnights.
  6. Maintain correspondence with Prologue/Preface applicants/attendees and hosts before and after the Prologue/Preface program (email, phone, postcards, etc.).
  7. Attend initial meetings of various organizations near beginning of semester and solicit feedback about Admission-related items, and invite them to them to take a more active role in the work of multicultural recruitment.
  8. Assist Admission staff with on-campus visitation programs of community-based organizations and college access groups.
  9. Serve as a liaison to Office of Admission – update the Office of all current campus events, issues, needs, and trends related to multicultural diversity.
  10. Participate in general Admission work beyond multicultural recruitment (open houses, tours, etc.) as a member of the Students in Admission team.
  11. Assist Admission staff with other duties as needed.

The Basics

Department: Admission
Supervisor: Jared Rivers
Office Location: Lindholm House
Pay Grade: C
Hours: Varies
Workers: 3

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


REQUIRED: At least one semester at Bates College; strong organizational and managerial skills; ability to work independently as well as with peers and supervisors.

DESIRED: A knack for recruiting and mobilizing student volunteers; some previous experience with the Office of Admission. EXPERIENCE: A knack for recruiting and mobilizing student volunteers; Some previous experience with the Office of Admission


REPORTS TO:: Jared Rivers, Associate Dean of Admission Diversity Enrollment

SUPERVISES:: 30+ active student volunteers

COORDINATES/WORKS CLOSELY WITH:: SIA Coordinator, Admission front desk and deans, student volunteers, Security office, Overnight Coordinators, Special Events Coordinators, Coordinator of Campus Visits and Events