ADM: Tour Guide Coordinator (S9987C)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

 Student Tour Guides provide prospective students and families with a personal glimpse of life here at Bates. Often, that glimpse can be the deciding factor in a prospective student’s decision to apply and enroll at Bates. The tour guide coordinators recruit, hire, and train Tour Guides, and organizae tours for the Admission Office. The Coordinator is required to meet with the supervisor regularly and must plan accordingly for special tour days such as Open Houses, Maine Day, Accepted Students Reception, etc. Organizing and managing professional, informative and fun tours is a vital element of the Office of Admission.
Specific responsibilities include, but may not be limited to:
This is a high maintenance job that requires the coordinator to be responsible for daily tours. Admission expects the Coordinators to cultivate and maintain a deep roster of new and experienced tour guides, to develop a reliable tour schedule, to have all tour guides trained and prepared to be on time for their scheduled tours, and to consistently recruit new students to help in Admission.
This job begins in the spring, prior to the start of Fall Semester and extends to the end of short term. The Coordinator should understand the seriousness of the job. Strong managerial skills are a must! The Coordinator will also be given several assignments for special tours over the course the year by admissions staff and must find suitable tour guides for those instances.


The Basics

Department: Admission
Supervisor: John Behre
Office Location: Lindholm House, 23 Campus Ave
Pay Grade: C
Hours: 5-20
Workers: 2

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


Required Education: At least one academic year completed at Bates Required Audience: Have done tours on a regular basis at Bates. Desired Experience: Strong organizational skills and a knack for recruiting fellow students to help


Reports to: John Behre Coordinates/works closely with: Supervisor and Receptionist Supervises: Tour guides (both paid and volunteer groups