ADV: Bates Fund Student Caller (S9803X)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities


The student calling program operates during both the fall and winter semesters, and four weeks during short term. Calling shifts will be held Sunday through Thursday evenings, from 6:30PM-9:00PM. Students are required to work a minimum of two shifts per week. Students will be responsible for contacting alumni and parents to solicit donations for the Bates Fund through an automated calling system. All phone calls will act as a follow up to a direct mail solicitation which has been previously sent by the Advancement Office. Students will be required to ask for a charitable donation to the college, and handle any questions or objections that constituent might have about Bates. Student Callers are ambassadors of the College, as they may be one of the few contacts that a particular alum or parent has with the school. The students therefore have a responsibility to be as professional and courteous as possible in their dealings with the targeted audience. Keeping one’s job will require a certain minimum level of performance.



Students must possess clear and personable telephone voices and strong communication skills. They must be self-motivated individuals who possess good feelings for Bates. Callers are extremely trustworthy, as confidential information, in the form of giving history and address information, is constantly available. Callers also must have a mature, professional attitude toward the position. Previous telemarketing or sales experience is a plus.



Callers will work in a professional office environment. They will be privy to the confidential giving history of alumni and parents, which is very serious and sensitive information. Students must realize the level of confidentiality involved in this position and understand that they are not to discuss the information they see or hear with anyone. Further, students are not to discuss the specifics of any gift they may receive with anyone outside of the Bates Fund calling program. Students will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Bates Student Callers must be able to effectively communicate the reasons that Bates depends upon charitable donations from its constituents, as well as be receptive to any feedback that the constituent may convey. In addition to phone calls, students will be asked to write short notes to alums and parents after a pledge is received, to be included in the envelope mailed. The students will also be responsible for updating the personal information for each alum on an as-needed basis (address changes, job changes, family changes). Thus, students must possess some record-keeping abilities.

Student Callers will be fully trained prior to making their first call. Training sessions will be scheduled at the beginning of each semester, with review sessions for constituency-specific training scheduled as needed throughout the semester. Initial training will include an introduction and background information regarding the work of the Advancement Office in general and Annual Giving specifically. The first and most important step in training is to be sure that all callers understand the crucial role that annual fundraising plays in the life of the students and operations of the College. From there, callers will be shown how to effectively turn that knowledge into coherent and convincing reasons to give to Bates, which they will then apply on the telephone to alumni and parents. Callers will have the opportunity to make practice calls during the training sessions, with role playing in small groups by the Annual Giving Coordinator and the Student Calling Supervisors.


The Basics:

Department: College Advancement
Supervisor: Nina Emmi
Office Location: 301 Lane Hall
Pay Grade: $9.00/hour
Hours: 5 – 12.5 / week
Workers: 20

How To Apply:

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The Basics

Department: College Advancement
Supervisor: Nina Emmi
Office Location: 301 Lane Hall
Pay Grade: X
Hours: 5 - 12.5 / week
Workers: 20

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities