BS: Editor-in-Chief ()

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

Responsible for managing and executing all aspects of the paper including; assisting managing editors in generating content for each issue; approving all content before going to print; communicating effectively with staff, and addressing any issues or concerns raised by Bates students, faculty and staff. The editor-in-chief is also responsible for handling any additional administrative issues that arise, such as purchasing new equipment, bringing in professionals to strengthen staff skills, etc. The editor-in-chief must commit to 2-3 hours in the newsroom Monday evenings for editing, as well as a substantial time commitment Tuesday evenings (4-6 hours or whenever the paper is sent to the printers). The editor is also responsible for meeting frequently with staff and structuring the newsroom schedule Tuesday night. In addition, it is the editor-in-chief’s responsibility to make sure the delivery and distribution managers have received and distributed the papers by Wednesday evening.

The Basics

Department: Campus Life
Supervisor: Kim Trauceniek
Office Location: Chase Hall, Room 108
Pay Grade: X

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities