ILS: Public Services Student Coordinator (S9840C/S9840X)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities


The Public Services Student Coordinator is required to perform many tasks dealing with the public, including faculty and staff of the library and college. Routine tasks include working at a public services desk, assisting patrons with computer problems, shelving library materials, and shelf-reading the library’s collection. He or she will also assist with training new Public Services Student Assistants. This position requires the student to be reliable, punctual, responsible and able to use good judgement. This student must have the ability to work independently.



EDUCATION: High school completion
EXPERIENCE: This student must have at least one year experience working in the Circulation and Audio Departments of Ladd Library.
EDUCATION: Some knowledge or experience in specific subject areas
EXPERIENCE: Experience working with the public and computer skills



This student must have visual acuity sufficient to scan information on books and other materials rapidly and repeatedly for extended periods of time and to read computer screens for up to several hours a day. He or she must also have the muscular strength adequate to lift heavy books.

The Basics

Department: Information and Library Services
Supervisor: Julie Retelle, Brenda Reynolds
Office Location: Library
Email: jretelle, breynold
Pay Grade: C
Hours: 6-10
Workers: 24 in Circulation, 15 in Audio

How to Apply:

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The Basics

Department: Information and Library Services
Supervisor: Julie Retelle, Brenda Reynolds
Office Location: Library
Email: jretelle, breynold
Pay Grade: C
Hours: 6-10
Workers: 24 in Circulation, 15 in Audio

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities