DOF: Peer Science Leader (S9904X)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

Peer Science Leaders provide regularly scheduled, out-of-class, peer-facilitated sessions to help students master the material in traditionally difficult science courses.  Each Peer Learning session integrates study strategies with course content.  PL sessions are open to all students in the class.

Peer Science Leaders are students who have successfully completed the course and who are interested in helping others become better learners in that course. Peer leaders DO NOT need to be science majors.

Courses employing Peer Science Leaders include: Biology 101 and 242; Chemistry 107A/B, 108A/B, 217 and 218; Env Studies 203; and Physics 107 and 108.

Applicants are encouraged to visit the Peer Science Leaders website page and to contact Louise Brogan ( for more information before applying.

The Basics

Department: Dean of the Faculty's Office
Supervisor: Louise Brogan
Office Location: 224 Coram
Email: lbrogan
Pay Grade: X

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


Peer Science Leaders must have successfully completed the course they plan on being a Leader for. Experience as a teaching assistant or tutor


Louise Brogan. Professors for the PSL-associated course and students in the course and co-leaders for the course.


Working in a classroom setting.