PE/ATH: Indoor Track Crew (S9776C)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

Three hours before meet begins, the crew does all of the initial set up from staging of the camera at the finish line, to setting up the high jump areas.

Specific responsibilities include, but may not be limited to:

 Follow the directions of the hired officials, know how to set up the equipment according to rules and regulations for the events being staged, be efficient during the set-up period in order to have everything ready in a timely manner.

  • Camera Setups
  • Put straight ladder up next to camera mounted on the wall.  Ladder has hook on top to fit over beam.  Take ladder down after camera is set.
  • Use Staging Tower to pull down electrical cord & camera cables.
  • Put 1 Camera Tower in the infield on the finish line.
  • Official’s Coats from 2 bags in the office will be hung on coat rack & rack taken to the area outside the Track Cage.
  • Set up the 3 Program Stands.  1 between the stands at the Fieldhouse entrance, 1 at the end of the popes in the Fieldhouse and 1 outside the Track Cage next to the coat rack.
  • Set up a table in front of the outlet near the Overhead Door for weighing the Shot Put and Weights.  Once the Shot Puts and Weights are weighted, out Trackmaser back in office.  Leave table for sign ins.
  • Set up a table for Officials gear next to the Stage
  • Set up table for Sign Ups outside the Track Cage.
  • Set up table near training area.  Plug Cord for the Trainers Heat into the outlet from above.
  • Tie back the curtains with the ropes in the bag.  2 at each curve at far end of the track.  3 at the curve to the right of the Triple/Long Pit & 1 to the left of the Pole Vault pit.
  • Block off and Flag off the Throwing area.  2 Benches needed for throwers.  Place mats from climbing wall at both corners of the landing area.  Barricades will be moved onto Tennis Court #3.  Tennis Net tie down will have to be removed.  After 35lb event is over, Barricades will be moved & Tennis net reattached.
  • Flag of the runway for the Triple/Long Jump from the Barricades to the Rail.  2 Benches needed for workers.  Put 2 small cones on each side of the take off board.  Put 2 chair in the area.
    • 2 people will rake and smooth the Pit during competition.  They will sweep the sand as necessary.  Other people will rotate into this job.  Runway Mat may be used for Triple Jump.  Tape down the front with duct tape.  Tape is in the starter bag on the stage.
  • Set up the High Jump area(s).  2 Benches needed for Jumpers.  There are marks on the floor where Standards and landing area go.  Put 2 Chairs in the area.
  • Hang 8 starter Blocks on carrier and take to start of dash lanes.  Blocks will be moved as necessary during the Meet.
    • 1 Person will be in charge of seeing the blocks get moved.
  • Put Trainers Table and 1 bench near the Camera Tower on the Pole Vault Side
  • Put Bell Lap Indicator near the finish line.
  • Pit out indicators for the Long/Triple Jump, High Jump and Throwing Area.
  • Move Blue mat off of Track.  Put under windows.
  • Enclose Cables with hurdles.
  • Block off the Spring finish ling with flags and 4 posts after Sprinters are done
  • Hurdles will have to set up, adjusted and removed depending on the events
  • Rails will have to be set up and removed during event
  • Will be given assignments to certain events before the meet.
  • Breakdown can happen when that field area event is done.

The Basics

Department: Physical Education / Athletics
Supervisor: Jim Taylor
Office Location: Merrill
Email: jtaylor
Pay Grade: C
Hours: 6-7 per track meet
Workers: 6

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


EXPERIENCE: must have knowledge of the various track events.


REPORTS TO: Jim Taylor SUPERVISES: N/A COORDINATES/WORKS CLOSELY WITH: Hired Game Officials and other crew members at the track meet. Follows the instructions of the Student Crew Chief.


ENVIRONMENT: Warm as event takes place inside TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS: none PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Physically demanding. Must be able to lift and carry hurdles, benches, tables and chairs and to lift the heavy floor mats. MACHINES & EQUIPMENT USED: Camera equipment, track equipment for the different events has to be placed properly

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