PE/ATH: Outdoor Track Crew (S9778C)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

Three hours before the meet, the crew does all of the initial setup (i.e. putting the equipment into the wagons to be pulled out to the track, setting up the high jump areas, etc.).

Specific responsibilities include, but may not be limited to:

  • Follow the directions of the hired officials
  • Know how to setup the equipment according to rules and regulations for the events being staged
  • Be efficient during the setup period in order to have everything ready in a timely manner

The actual setup starts three hours before the meet start time. The setup should be done two hours before the meet start time. Crew members will:

  • Load meet equipment on pull wagons in the Merrill field house and take it to the area behind the scorers tent on the infield at the finish line
  • Get meet equipment from track house and move the event areas or place with the other equipment behind the scorers tent
  • Setup tables and chairs (three under finish line tent, six chairs, one next to the track house for weight weigh in, one chair, two next to the gate for sign ins, three chairs, three near the track house, fifteen chairs, one trainer table to trainers tent, other tables may be setup in other areas if necessary)
  • Change long/triple boards if necessary
  • Hang eight starter blocks on the carrier and take to start line for first event that will require blocks, one person will be in charge of seeing that the blocks are moved to where needed during the meet
  • Put out indicators (lap- near the finish line, pole vault- near landing mats, high jump- near landing mats, long/triple jump- near pits, throwing areas- near circles)
  • Setup two benches in all areas: pole vault, long/triple jump, high jump, two throwing areas, training tent and other areas that need benches
  • Hurdles will be moved from their area behind to the front straight away and placed either on the ten flight lines or on the infield. All hurdles around the track will have to be moved, adjusted and removed depending on the event. Everyone will help doing this during the event
  • Steeple chase barriers will be put in place (one will have to be put in place after the race starts). Adjustments will be made for women and men.
  • Breakdown of areas will happen when events in an area are finished. Meet equipment is returned to where it was before meet started.


The Basics

Department: Physical Education / Athletics
Supervisor: Jim Taylor
Office Location: Merrill
Email: jtaylor
Pay Grade: C
Hours: 6-7 per track meet
Workers: 8 per meet

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


EXPERIENCE: Crew members must have knowledge of the various track events.


COORDINATES/WORKS CLOSELY WITH: Hired game officials, the Student Crew Chief, and other crew members


PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: This position is physically demanding. Crew members must be able to lift and carry hurdles, benches, tables, and chairs. MACHINES & EQUIPMENT USED: Camera equipment and track equipment for the different events have to be placed properly.

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