PE/ATH: Skate Patrol (S9770B)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities


The Skate Patrol will monitor persons skating in Underhill Arena and is responsible for keeping control during the created skating times.



This student must be an experienced ice skater and must feel comfortable providing basic first aid care.



The Skate Patrol must stay within the building during scheduled skate times, and must provide immediate temporary first aid to skaters if needed.

The Basics

Department: Physical Education / Athletics
Supervisor: Danielle Ryder
Office Location: 79 Merrill Gym
Email: dryder
Pay Grade: B
Hours: 21
Workers: 6 November thru March


How to Apply:

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The Basics

Department: Physical Education / Athletics
Supervisor: Danielle Ryder
Office Location: 79 Merrill Gym
Email: dryder
Pay Grade: B
Hours: 21
Workers: 6 November thru March

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities