ADV: Reunion Camp Bates Counselor (S9997C)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

Camp Counselors aid the Coordinator and Staff Officer in planning activities for the children’s program and are responsible for the care and needs of the children registered for Camp Bates.

They attend a mandatory meeting on the Friday of Reunion Weekend to receive their roster, contact information, schedule, etc. During this meeting they are also responsible for setting up the rooms in Pettengill (or wherever the base camp is for the program). This involves moving boxes of crafts and games from Lane Hall and Alumni House basement over to the site. They prepare the room with decorations, set out activity areas, move furniture, unpack and put away food and drinks and organize supplies. As the children begin arriving on Friday, they greet them and play ice breakers to introduce the group.

Each counselor is assigned an age group: 4-6, 7-9 or 10-13. Within their respective age group, counselors are responsible for 4-8 children each, depending on the age group they are assigned to and the overall number of children in the program. The counselor must know where those assigned children are at all times, and be aware of any allergies or conditions they may have. They are also responsible for letting the Coordinator know when one of their children has been signed in or out by their parents (a very difficult and important task in such a large group of children) and reporting any issues or incidents that occur in their individual group to the Coordinator.

Counselors are also required to distribute snacks and juice/water throughout the weekend as well as dinner on Saturday evening, and both prepare the children (washing hands, bathroom) and clean up after.

Throughout the weekend, the counselors are solely responsible for entertaining and engaging the kids, through games and activities. This is often a challenge when programs are running late or fall through, and there are lapses of time with no planned activity. They need to be able to improvise and come up with fun things to do at a moment’s notice and sometimes with limited resources. Counselors must also be willing to adapt to each child’s individual needs and wants, and therefore must work together as a team. If one child does not like sports, he or she may need to go with another counselor/group for arts and crafts, etc. While some activities are pre-planned (magician, free swim, etc.) there is a lot of free time in between when counselors must create their own schedule and programming for the campers.

In addition, counselors prepare the children for the Alumni Parade using various decorations, face painting, making balloons, etc. They also walk with and wrangle the children in the parade.

Throughout the weekend, counselors are an extension of Reunion Staff, such as their Bates Star counterparts. They frequently encounter alumni and must be able to answer questions and direct people appropriately. They have constant interaction with the parents of the children enrolled in Camp Bates and will communicate any parent questions/concerns to the Coordinator.

There is an incredible amount of walking and activity involved in this position. During programming “down-time” or during the break on Saturday when children eat lunch with their parents, counselors are responsible for cleaning up the site and preparing for the next activity. They walk all over campus over the course of the weekend and have very long days. On Saturday they work from 7am-12am with only a three hour break in between.

At the end of the weekend, counselors meet for a brief wrap-up meeting, have their time cards signed by the staff person, give the coordinator and staff officer feedback regarding programming and ways to improve the program for next year, and assist in cleaning up the rooms and moving all supplies back to Lane Hall and Alumni House basement.

We will provide housing and meals for counselors during Reunion Weekend; housing and meals for the week prior to Reunion Weekend are negotiable.

The Basics

Department: College Advancement
Supervisor: Munroe Graham
Office Location: 67 Campus Ave, Alumni House
Email: mgraham4
Pay Grade: C
Hours: 25-30 hours during Reunion Weekend.

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


Education: High School, some college (not mandatory to be a Bates student) Skills: Program planning, customer service, sense of humor, must have previous experience with children in a professional setting, high-energy, positive attitude, be able and willing to adapt to change and the unexpected.


Reports to: Camp Bates Coordinator and Staff Officer Coordinates/Works closely with: Coordinator, Staff Officer, parents and campers.


Environment: Pettengill Hall; various sites on-campus, including outdoor locations. Travel Requirements: Walk across campus as upon request and climb stairs