SA: Ronj Assistant Manager (S9897B)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

The Ronj Assistant Managers assist in the daily operations of the Ronj and are hired, trained, and supervised by the Ronj Managers. Each Ronj Assistant Manager has a specialty corresponding to the area(s) of responsibility of the specific Ronj Manager that they directly report to. These areas include: Accounting, Inventory Management, Event Programming/Publicity, Sanitation Operations, and Staff Development. In addition to helping the Ronj Managers oversee the Ronj space and staff, they also serve and assist with maintenance/ clean-up of the space. Please note this position is only open to individuals who have experience as Ronj Servers.

Jointly management staff are responsible for all Ronj publicity, the Ronj space, Ronj staff training, shift scheduling, handling of cash and accounting for funds, balancing the budget, events/ programming for the Ronj, inventories, orders, upkeep, opening and closing the Ronj, assisting with Ronj social media, and maintaining communication between Ronj staff members and Campus Life.

The Basics

Department: Student Affairs
Supervisor: Nick Dressler
Office Location: Chase Hall 108
Pay Grade: B
Hours: 8
Workers: 4

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


Familiarity with the Ronj (frequents the space, has worked on staff). Honest, flexible, responsible, dedicated and level-headed. Willingness to learn and make changes based on recommendations of students/staff/customer/manager ideas and opinions. Passion in cultivating a inclusive, safe, and non-drinking space. Ability to work with a diverse set of colleagues and staff members.


Ronj Assistant Managers are hired, trained, and supervised by the Ronj Managers. They assist Managers with supervising Ronj Servers.


Shift dependent, periods of sitting and standing. Minor lifting (<10 pounds) required. Coffeehouse setting.