Student Absentee Policy

Students should schedule designated times to show up to work.

The Student Employment Office encourages students to discuss their supervisor’s personal expectations of timeliness and absences before they begin to work. It is important that students take their job seriously and act professionally.

Students who miss a scheduled shift without notifying their supervisor or without finding a replacement are subject to termination. Students who repeatedly show up fifteen minutes late to work are also subject to termination. Below is an outline of the standard absentee procedure and consequences for repeated student absences.

  • First Absence: Students will receive a verbal or written notice from their supervisor(s) informing them of their failure to comply with standard employee guidelines.
  • Second Absence: Students will receive a written notice from their supervisor(s) informing them that if a third offense occurs, they can be terminated from their position.
  • Third Absence: If a third un-excused absence occurs, the supervisor can use his or her discretion and decide if he or she would like to terminate the student or take another route of action.

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