Termination of Employment

Voluntary Student Termination

  • Student employees are allowed to voluntarily end their employment. Students must give at least one week’s notice to their supervisor.

Involuntary Student Termination

  • Before a supervisor terminates a student’s employment, he or she must give the student prior warning. The first warning must be verbal and the second warning must be written. The Bates College Affirmative Action policy states, “Except in the case of termination for cause, an employee should be given warning that he or she is failing to perform the responsibilities of the position to which he or she is appointed, and given a genuine opportunity to improve.”  If verbal and written warnings have been issued and a third offense occurs, immediate termination of the student employee is allowed. Below you will find a list of reasonable grounds for disciplinary action and a list for acceptable grounds for immediate dismissal.

Grounds for Disciplinary Action

  • Non-work related telephone conversations
  • Refusal or reluctance to do tasks that are listed on the job description form
  • Tardiness
  • Improper attire (as it pertains to the department’s written dress policy)
  • Frequent absences (see the Absentee Policy)
  • Improper use of work privileges for personal gain
  • Insubordination

Grounds for Immediate Dismissal

  • Lying on time sheets
  • Being at work under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol
  • Theft
  • Sexual, racial, physical, or verbal harassment of a co-worker or client
  • Endangering the safety of colleagues or members of the community at large
  • Violating standards of conduct or behavior set by the hiring department