Termination of Employment

Examples of Grounds for Disciplinary Action (this list is not intended to be all inclusive)

  • Use of technology while on the job when prohibited by the hiring department
  • Refusal to perform tasks that are listed on the job description form
  • Improper attire
  • Repeated absenteeism/tardiness
  • Improper use of college resources
  • Failure to perform duties as assigned

Examples of Grounds for Immediate Dismissal(this list is not intended to be all inclusive)

  • Falsifying time sheets
  • Being at work under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol
  • Theft/inappropriate use of college resources
  • Harassment of a member of the Bates community or guest of the college
  • Endangering the safety of colleagues or members of the community at large
  • Violating standards of conduct or behavior set by the hiring department
  • Sleeping while on duty
  • Abandonment of work station that results in substantial risk to college property or personnel